‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Michael Halterman Shocking Arrest Details

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1000-Lb. Sisters introduced Michael Halterman to the world in January 2020. Prior to that point in time, the world had no idea who he was. Likewise, other than the following they built on YouTube, it wasn’t like a large population knew who Tammy and Amy were either.

At 40 years old, it goes without saying that Michael Hatlerman had a life prior to being a reality TV star. Turns out, that life included a bit of a criminal history. Is there a bit of a bad boy under the man TLC viewers watch on television? What kind of criminal history does he have? Keep reading for a look at Michael’s past.

Michael Halterman: Arrested for domestic violence

According to a mug shot and some public records that appear to have been obtained by Soap Dirt, Michael Halterman was arrested in Henderson, Kentucky back in 2015. Per the records, he was charged with “assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) minor injury.” 

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Unfortunately, the records do not include any additional details about this domestic violence incident or what came of it. Chatter across multiple Reddit threads, however, climbs the domestic violence charge involved Michael striking his “previous wife” in the face. There are also accusations in 1000-Lb. Sister lore on Reddit claiming that Michael once became aggressive and put his hands on his grandmother as well.

The fans claiming Michael Halterman once put his hands on his grandmother insist there were news stories documenting the incident. But, they did not provide any links and stated they could no longer find the article.

These same fans claim there was once a fair amount of well-documented backstory on Michael Halterman (and the rest of this TLC family on Reddit). Unfortunately, these same individuals claim a lot of the threads dedicated to this information have been removed.

Michael Halterman Mugshot Credit Facebook
Michael Halterman Mugshot Credit Facebook

Presently, the only things that are 100 percent fact is that Michael WAS arrested in 2015 for domestic violence in 2015 as there is a mugshot with arrest details to confirm this information.

Fans don’t care for him anymore

These days, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans don’t care much for Michael Halterman. They were furious as they watched him leave Amy to take care of the kids while he ate some food. Moreover, rumors are currently swirling this couple isn’t even together anymore.

What do you think after learning a little more about Michael Halterman before being a reality TV star? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on this TLC star.

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