Exclusive: Josh Seiter Destroys Letter After Amy Slaton Stomps On His Heart

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TV Shows Ace Exclusive: Josh Seiter of The Bachelorette has not finished his pursuit of Amy Slaton (Halterman) as he hopes to soften her heart with a sweet letter confessing his intentions and feelings. 

As those who follow Josh on Instagram know, he took to his Stories to reveal he was writing Amy a letter. From his point of view, it feels like Amy Slaton (Halterman) has never experienced a good and real man. Comparing himself to Amy’s ex-husband, Josh Seiter knows he is a better man and will treat Amy right if she just gives him a chance to prove it. He tells Instagram he hopes his letter will soften Amy’s heart and open her eyes to the possibility of what he can offer her.

What did his letter say?

The Bachelorette alum did post a photo of the letter he planned to send Amy on his Instagram Stories. Here is a snapshot of the letter he intended to send her:

Josh Seiter - Instagram
Josh Seiter – Instagram

In the letter above, Josh tells Amy that her ex-husband Michael was an example of the “terrible men” in the world. And, Josh wanted to show her that “good men” did exist. He concluded his letter “with love” as he hoped Amy would reach out to him soon with a change of heart.

Here’s the video he posted on his Instagram Stories about his letter:

Amy Slaton reaches out regarding Josh Seiter’s letter

Josh Seiter reached out to Tv Shows Ace exclusively to let us know that Amy Slaton (Halterman) read his letter via Instagram and slid into his DMs with a response. Unfortunately, her response isn’t what he hoped for. Amy Slaton (Halterman) told the Bachelorette alum to trash the letter because she didn’t want it and she didn’t want him. After responding to the letter, Josh reveals that Amy blocked him and cut him off from contacting her further.

Honoring Amy Slaton’s request, Josh Seiter documented himself trashing the letter:

Josh told TV Shows Ace it was “hard to believe” that Amy wasn’t interested in giving him a chance. While he is disappointed in the way things played out, he will not give up. He knows his soulmate is out there somewhere.

Exclusive: How did Josh Seiter feel trashing the letter?

TV Shows Ace asked Josh how he felt about trashing the letter. While he looked a bit frustrated in the video, Josh tells us “it felt good” to trash the letter he had penned for Amy. Josh Seiter admits that the entire thing has been a real eye-opening experience for him. “I’m too kind and genuine to be with someone like her.” 

I think this is what I needed to move past her and toward my forever person.

Is the door open if Amy Slaton changes her mind?

Josh Seiter tells us he’s moving on to find his soul mate. But, he wants Amy Slaton to know the door is always open if she has a change of heart and wants to have some sort of friendship with him. The way things played out, he’s not sure if an opportunity for romance would ever be there. He, however, is open to hearing her out if she decides she wants to speak with him.

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter

Do you think Josh Seiter has gotten the hint that Amy Slaton (Halterman) just isn’t that into him? Is destroying the letter and getting blocked by Amy the end of this potential romance? Or, will Josh continue to try to win her heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Whaaat? This clout chaser needs to move on from Amy? Oh my god. What a loon.

    I think this is what I needed to move past her and toward my forever person.

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