‘Pokemon Horizons’ Gets Brand New Trailer

pokemon horizons liko and sprigatito
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The new anime to follow the Ash Ketchum era, Pokemon Horizons, is rapidly approaching. As its premiere gets closer, fans are finally getting a better look at the story and characters that will be the focus of the show. There was a small teaser trailer a while back. Now, there’s a longer trailer making rounds on social media. The trailer is in Japanese, with no English subtitles as of right now, but some fans have done translations that let viewers in this part of the world know what’s going on. It’s a better look at some of the characters, as well as the story of Pokemon Horizons.

All-New Characters, All-New World

This new trailer is currently making rounds on Twitter and YouTube. It’s a screen recording of a Japanese stream and thus isn’t the highest quality. However, it’s still a good look at what’s to come in Pokemon Horizons.

pokemon horizons pikachu
Captain Pikachu in the teaser for ‘Pokemon Horizons’

The anime is going to follow two main protagonists with the names Liko and Roy. The clip in question is essentially two minutes of the first episode focusing on Liko. Liko is from Paldea, the new region from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. She’ll be heading to Kanto in the premiere episode to attend the boarding school Indigo Academy. That’s where she’s going to meet Roy, her co-protagonist, who is a native of Kanto. Liko and Roy will have Sprigatito and Fuecoco as their starter Pokemon, respectively. The third Paldea starter, Quaxly, is also seen in the clip accompanying another one of the show’s main characters.

A few ninth-generation Pokemon like Palafin and Pawmot can be seen in this trailer making their first anime appearances as well. Since the anime will start out in Kanto, it seems as though many of the Pokemon will be ones that fans are very familiar with. The iconic 151 first-generation Pokemon. The clip shows off plenty of those, from Onix to Butterfree and the original starter trio Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Pokemon Horizons Air Dates & Where To Watch

Pokemon Horizons will debut with a two-part premiere later this month. That debut will be with only Japanese audio at first, though. As of right now, it’s unknown when the official English release for the first episodes of the anime will be. There isn’t any confirmation and fans have yet to get a trailer with English voice acting. When the episodes do arrive in North America, they should be coming to Netflix. However, the platform has yet to put out any information regarding when it’s coming. In fact, fans don’t even know when the final episodes of the Ash Ketchum era will be available for viewers to stream.

rayquaza pokemon horizons
A shiny Rayquaza in the teaser for ‘Pokemon Horizons’

Pokemon Horizons premieres its first two episodes on April 14th in Japan with a one-hour-long pilot episode.

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