‘Pokemon’ Team Rocket’s Replacement Villains Revealed

pokemon anime team rocket
Nick Davis

As the original Pokemon characters all say their goodbyes, the new ones are gradually becoming known. Recently, the new protagonists for the upcoming Pokemon anime became known to the public. They are the replacements for the iconic Ash Ketchum and his many friends from throughout the years. Now, we’re getting a first look at the characters who will replace Team Rocket. What do we know about them and their role in the Pokemon 2023 anime?

Who Are The New Pokemon Villains?

The small preview we got of the potential upcoming antagonists for the anime comes from a new teaser. The clip hit YouTube recently (it’s entirely in Japanese) and speaks about these mysterious characters as well as their partner Pokemon.

new pokemon anime main villain
A villain from the new ‘Pokemon’ anime with Ceruledge

We get previews of four different characters in the trailer. There is no confirmation that they’re the antagonists. However, they do have mischievous smirks or dead-eyed stares that would suggest ill intentions. The one who appears to be the leader of the bunch also has an ominous and powerful-looking Ceruledge as a partner. The others have Rhydon and Golduck as partners. And then there’s the fourth one who appears to be a person in a Nidorina costume. It definitely seems like the bunch won’t lack quirkiness.

We still know so little about this upcoming new Pokemon anime. We know about many of the new characters at this point, from the main protagonists to, presumably, these antagonists. What we don’t know is what their actual roles within the world of this new show will be. We don’t know their intentions or the central story thread that will bring them all together. Is it another show about kids striving to be Pokemon masters? Or will there be something else going on worth exploring in the Pokemon world? Other adaptations like Detective Pikachu have shown us that there are a lot of stories to tell within this world. Hopefully, this is a good one.

This Is The End Of A Pokemon Era

The main Pokemon anime will be over before April comes. With that comes a brand new era of anime and manga. This new era may renew the interest of fans who have had “Ash fatigue” over the decades. It could also drive fans who have been sticking around to watch all of Ash’s adventures off.

new pokemon anime villain
Two of the villains from the new ‘Pokemon’ anime with their partners

The new Pokemon anime (still no title yet) will premiere in Japan on April 14th. It doesn’t have an English release for subtitles or dubbing yet. Ash still has to make his departure from his series, though. His final episode will premiere on March 24th.

Are you looking forward to the new Pokemon series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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