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Netflix Announces ‘Pokemon’ Original Series

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Netflix is partnering with The Pokemon Company to create a new original series. This will be the first time we’ve gotten a TV show that isn’t part of the long-running anime timeline. Rather than anime, this show will utilize stop-motion animation. The announcement came with a short first trailer that showcases the beautiful, bright animation and gives us our taste of what this series might be about. The title is Pokemon Concierge, and let’s talk about all the information surrounding what it might be about and when it’s coming.

Pokemon Concierge

The announcement and trailer came as part of a series of Pokemon Day announcements. February 27th is Pokemon Day, the anniversary of the day the original Pokemon video games came out in Japan. Among other major pieces of news considering this massive franchise, Netflix came in to give the first look at Pokemon Concierge.

pokemon concierge logo netflix
The logo for ‘Pokemon Concierge’ on Netflix

“This is the Pokemon resort. Pokemon are the guests here. Here is the story of the resort’s concierge.”

Those are the only words spoken in the brief first trailer and they serve as the mysterious synopsis for this new show. We see a bright and sunny beach with two sets of footprints. One belongs to an adorable Psyduck and the other belongs to a human. Furthermore, the human is presumably the main character and aforementioned concierge of the resort.

ash ketchum season 1 episode 1 pokemon
Ash from the original ‘Pokemon’ anime series

We don’t have a name for this protagonist yet or any other information about her. Really, all that’s known now about the story is the three sentences given in the trailer. Presumably, she’ll be working with Pokemon like Psyduck. Whether it’s Pokemon that need a vacation or something more serious, we’ll have to wait and see.

The animation studio responsible for this show is Dwarf Entertainment. A French animation studio that has done shows for Netflix and Disney+ in the past like Trash Truck and Monsters At Work.

A New Era For Pocket Monsters

The anime continues to be one of the biggest kids’ shows in the world after over 25 years of new seasons. Right now the show is going through the process of saying goodbye to its main protagonist, the iconic Ash Ketchum. After being the central force of the show from the beginning, Ash is finally retiring and giving way to two new protagonists who will lead the next season of the anime after Pokemon Master Journeys ends. Netflix has always had a special relationship with this series, housing the entire anime catalog on its platform. Pokemon Concierge will be the first time these two titans of TV are collaborating to make yet another new show.

Pokemon Concierge has no official release date. As of right now, the trailer description simply states “coming soon to Netflix”. Hopefully, we’ll be getting more details later this year.

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