‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Elisa Explores Dating Scene


Seeking Brother Husband star Elisa is venturing out into the dating scene. Last week, her mother took photos of her for her dating profile. Now, she has a date with a new man. Yet, how will it go, and how will her husband, Mike react? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband Elisa Explores Dating Scene

Elisa and Mike have an open marriage on Seeking Brother Husband. However, they are still newlyweds so they are figuring things out and how it will all go down. This still seems like a hard pill for Mike to swallow as his family may not be as accepting as Elisa’s. More so, he does not seem as open to this lifestyle as his wife is. Yet, he opted for polyamory after Elisa cheated on him when they were dating. Admittedly, she was not unhappy at all in their relationship though there were feelings for someone else.

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Elisa explained that she started to feel emotions for another while she was line dancing. Mike had to really weigh his options and in the end, he decided that he loved Elisa too much to let her go. Therefore, he agreed that they would have an open relationship that would start with polyamory. It could lead to polyandry and bringing in another husband but that was still up in the air. Now, Elisa has a date with a new man and she is seeing how this could all work.

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In a clip from this week’s episode of Seeking Brother Husband, Elisa goes out on a date with a more creative man, Isaac. This is a vibe that they both share. He openly asks if she wants a boyfriend and a husband and she admits that this would be ideal. However, he is more of a go-with-the-flow type of dater whereas Elisa has a set plan of what she wants. Another issue is that Isaac is very openly sexual which is fine with Elisa but that is not what she wants. She is looking for something much deeper and he is more of “the other guy” type.

The Spare Room

A common theme on Seeking Brother Husband is the spare room. Kenya is looking for a bigger home with her two husbands so she can have her own bedroom. At the same time, Elisa has proposed that she gets the second bedroom to entertain her other men. Mike does not feel so great about this. However, they made a pact that no intimacy with another partner would happen in their personal bed. So, what will happen when Elisa meets a man she connects with?

Do you think Mike will continue to struggle with his wife’s desire to date other men? Furthermore, will Elisa find a man to fulfill all of her needs that her husband can’t? Let us know your thoughts and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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