Did ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Couple Elisa & Mike Stick It Out?

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Did Seeking Brother Husband couple Elisa and Mike stick it out after filming? It seemed, from the premiere, that Mike was not so into polyamory. However, he was seemingly doing it solely for his wife. This made viewers question if they could last in the long run. So, what happened when all was said and done? Read on for more details.

Did Seeking Brother Husband Couple Elisa & Mike Stick It Out?

Elisa and Mike are newlyweds and claim to be very much in love. Yet, they revealed in the Seeking Brother Husband premiere that Elisa had actually cheated on Mike. While they were dating, she was line dancing and felt a connection with someone else. Admittedly, she was not unhappy with her relationship but she also felt the need to explore. It did take Mike a little bit of time to really understand what was going on with Elisa and if he could move forward with the romance. Ultimately, he decided that he would be open to Elisa being with other people.

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The two proceeded to get married and, in the premiere, they are seen looking through wedding photos. During the episode, Elisa explains that she is setting up an online dating profile so that she can meet someone new. Her goal is to find a person who helps to fulfill the parts of her that Mike does not. Additionally, she has her mother take her profile photos and her parents seem okay with what is going on. Unfortunately, she still has Mike’s family who is not so cool with this idea. So, did polyamory make or break them?

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According to In Touch Weekly, the Seeking Brother Husband couple has made it through 2023 so far. Elisa took to Instagram to share a strong message about Mike and the poly lifestyle. “The story of how Mike and I opened our relationship and realized that Polyamory is right for us. More often than not, cheating is something that a couple can’t work through. But for us, it gave us the freedom to redefine what a healthy and happy relationship looks like. Since then, we got married and we’ve been together for almost 8 years! There is no “right way” to love.”

What’s Next?

Seeking Brother Husband viewers will watch as Mike tries to accept Elisa dating other men. They are starting with polyamory but may move to polyandry. Yet, the biggest dispute is that they have a spare bedroom. That is where Elisa would like to court her pursuits as she promised she would not be intimate in her personal bedroom. As for Mike, he is not so keen on this idea. It willl take an incredible man who blends with both of them for this to truly be a success story.

Are you surprised that Mike and Elisa are still together and making it work despite his reluctance? Let us know in the comments and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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