‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Kenya Seeks New Home, More Men?

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Seeking Brother Husband star Kenya Stevens is very open about wanting more partners. She is married to Carl but also has a relationship with Tiger. Yet, there are more men out there for her to pursue and she is ready to do so. Therefore, she might need more room to do so. Can she and her mates make this happen? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband Kenya Seeks New Home, More Men?

Kenya Stevens made it known in the premiere of Seeking Brother Husband that she was ready to date more. She shared this news with her partner of several years, Tiger. In his mind, he feels that they need to further connect in their personal relationship. Tiger has proposed that he and Kenya tie the knot. However, this is not something that she is about simply because it does not make sense to her. Marriage is bringing families together and that is not what his goal is. Plus, they do not have families to unite at this point.

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She further proposed that she gets a bedroom for herself so she can entertain the new men. Tiger did not like this idea at all but now, in a clip from TLC, it looks like the throuple is looking for a new home. They show Kenya telling a real estate agent that they are in the market for a three-bedroom home. Currently, Carl has his own room which he likes because he is all about privacy and quiet. Therefore, Tiger and Kenya are left to be in one room. The agent inquires why they do not want one big bedroom after Kenya introduces them as her husbands. They explain that it is not that type of relationship.

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[Kenya, Carl-Credit: Instagram]
After seeing this clip, fans spoke out, some against the Seeking Brother Husband lifestyle while others were in support of it. “I think it’s important to have your own private space so a new home with more bedrooms is a grand idea, in my humble opinion. 😎,” one follower wrote. Another added: “Move over Cody, you’ve been ñbnñ replaced! It didn’t work out with multiple wives… let’s see how this works out.”

A Lot Going On

Though Kenya is actively looking for more men on Seeking Brother Husband, her mates also have their own lives. Her husband of nearly thirty years, Carl, has another wife, Corina. She will be featured in the series at some point. Furthermore, they have been open about the fact that they are not just into polyandry. More so, they are polyamorous and are into having multiple partners who fulfill different needs. Kenya Stevens is even the CEO of the Progressive Love Academy.

Do you think it is smart for Kenya, Tiger, and Carl to search for a bigger home? Will this be a mess or be super helpful? Let us know and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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