Mike Wolfe Sucker-Punched, ‘American Pickers’ Fans Tune Out

Mike Wolfe [Source: YouTube]

Mike Wolfe gets sucker-punched as American Pickers fans tune out. They lost interest in this season of the History Channel series. Mike is doing whatever it takes to regain their interest in the show. Even if that means taking punches. This comes after his girlfriend revealed that she packs a punch. Keep on reading to learn more.

Mike Wolfe “brutally beaten up” in new video

The American Pickers star tried to capture his fans’ attention. Mike Wolfe got “brutally beaten up” by people dressed as human pickles. He posted the video to Instagram. Mike wore a black button-down shirt over a white T-shirt and beige corduroy pants. He closed his eyes as he stood in between two people wearing pickle costumes.

Mike Wolfe Wears Chambray Shirt & Khaki Pants [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Both of them took shots at the reality star. Mike pointed at them as he got punches from each side. Suckerpunch Gourmet Pickles first posted the video to its official Instagram page. It was part of their bizarre ad campaign. Mike Wolfe appeared in their new video, which he reposted to his Instagram feed.

He let them beat him up. The 58-year-old appeared to be having a good time. He moved his head side-to-side as they punched him every which way. In his video, Mike Wolfe remembered when he took part in this challenge.

Mike Wolfe Punched [Source: Sucker Punched Pickles - Instagram]
[Source: Sucker Punched Pickles – Instagram]
“We remember the first time we got beat up by a pickle. Grab a suckerpunch and create some memories,” the video reads. “What your tastebuds experience every time you eat a suckerpunch pickle.”

His girlfriend, Leticia Cline, joked in the comment section: “It was a cold and rainy Sunday evening 1982…” Interestingly enough, Mike removed the strange video. This comes after she revealed that she packed a punch and injured her hand. Leticia wasn’t taking shots at her older boyfriend. In fact, she hurt herself after an intense boxing session.

American Pickers fans tune out of the new season

Mike Wolfe can’t convince his fans to watch the series’ new season. Most of them have tuned out. The ratings for American Pickers continue to plummet. The March 8 episode managed to attract 844,000 after Mike promoted it on social media. Just a week prior, the show only brought in about 711,000 viewers.

Fans still miss Frank Fritz. They boycotted the show after the news of his firing. Others don’t enjoy Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie as the replacement. They believe that Frank brought a certain charm to the show.

Mike continues to remain unbothered. He’s still excited about the long-running show even if the fans have moved on. What are your thoughts on Mike Wolfe getting sucker-punched as American Pickers fans move on? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Love the show. My husband and I try to watch, but can’t always be home due to work mostly. Then we record it. We are huge fans. We both were really bummed when we had heard he had been in our home town I believe it was last summer. That is a very busy time of the year for me, and don’t hear a lot of what’s going on and pay more attention to the tasks at hand. Maybe some day we will get the chance to meet Mr. Wolfe. But keep up the great shows with the great finds as well. Believe it or not your show kinda helps me out a lot as well.

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