Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Packs A Punch, Injures Hand

Leticia Cline & Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend Leticia Cline packed a punch. She got out her aggression on a punching bag and hurt her hand. This comes after she bared her body and showed off her injuries on social media. Keep reading to learn more and see the shot for yourself.

What happened to Leticia Cline?

On Friday, March 10, Leticia Cline shared a startling photo on her Instagram Stories. The 44-year-old model snapped a shot of her bruised hand. She admitted that she went too hard on the punching bag. Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend took out her aggression during her boxing session.

Leticia Cline & Friend [Source: Leticia Cline - Instagram]
[Source: Leticia Cline – Instagram]
She shared a close-up of her photo that appeared bruised and swollen. She even had dried blood on it. Fans could also see her tattoos. Leticia has gotten tattooed lately. She previously showed off her bare arms and revealed her new sleeves.

“Went a little too hard on the punching bag yesterday,” Leticia wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend strips down

Leticia previously took to Instagram to share a revealing photo with her fans. It was a throwback from her 2018 trip to Thailand. In the shot, the blonde beauty posed in a hotel room in just a cropped T-shirt and cheeky underwear. She propped her knee on a chair as she showed off her brace.

Leticia Cline Shows Injury [Source: Leticia Cline - Instagram]
[Source: Leticia Cline – Instagram]
Leticia circled all of the injuries on her body. Mike Wolfe’s longtime beau showed off the injuries she endured during her trip. She also revealed some of the tattoos she had on her body during the time. The Playboy model didn’t explain the reason for her injuries.

“Found this photo from Thailand a few years back,” Leticia wrote in her Instagram Stories. “I’m a lot happier when I have the scars to prove it.”

Leticia Cline Bares Body [Source: Leticia Cline - Instagram]
[Source: Leticia Cline – Instagram]
She covered the original caption, which mentioned “wounds.” In another snapshot, Leticia shared a black-and-white photo of herself sitting at the doctor’s office. That’s when she revealed that she had more than just bruises.

“Sent nudes to the doc. Breaking ribs. Not hearts,” Leticia joked.

Despite the injury, she shared that she wants to return to Thailand. At the time, she suffered from a blood clot, broken ribs, and a torn knee. In her blog post, she talked about the injuries she endured. However, she mostly talked about the experience she felt with the locals there.

Involved with Mike Wolfe

Leticia and Mike Wolfe have been involved since July 2021. Their romance didn’t become public until the following month. He’s been busy promoting the new season of American Pickers. Season 24 saw the return of Mike and Robbie with Danielle.

What are your thoughts on Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend getting out her aggression and hurting herself? Does this surprise you? What’s your favorite form of exercise? Sound off below in the comment section.

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