‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Viewers Appalled By ‘Sick’ Series

Seeking Brother Husband- TLC

Seeking Brother Husband is the newest show from TLC. Some consider it a spinoff of Sister Wives, but it explores the world of polyandry. This is where a wife takes multiple husbands. In the premiere episode, viewers were appalled by what they saw. Now this ‘sick’ show is getting boycotted and hate. Let’s find out why.

Seeking Brother Husband Shocks Viewers

It didn’t take long for viewers to get very upset over what they watched on Seeking Brother Husband this past week. The premise of the show is that there are four different marriages that are all looking to add another husband. The wives who practice polyandry feel that they can take any number of husbands that they want. Of course, this may seem like a great idea to the wives, but fans had another thing to say about it.

Seeking Brother Husband- YouTube
Seeking Brother Husband- YouTube

On the Express UK website, they shared some of the comments that viewers had about the show’s premiere. In this episode, they introduced Kim, Dustin, and Vinson. The comments began when they discussed the issues that there could be in a polyandrous relationship. The viewers immediately started to call this show ‘trash.’  After seeing just what these people want from a marriage, there was so much hate going on around social media.

The Twitter Comments

Of course, social media was all aflutter when Seeking Brother Husband aired. One viewer tweeted, “MILF Manor, and now this??? I don’t understand how Sister Wives is still a show. I used to love TLC but they just keep sinking.” Another added, “Sick a*s people! TLC, you suck!” More comments came in about how TLC “was actually the Learning Channel not some freaking orgy of so-called reality shows that were more soap operas.”

Seeking Brother Husband- TLC
Seeking Brother Husband- TLC

The polyandrous lifestyle has been doubted by these viewers as well. However, there were some positive comments on Twitter. One viewer tweeted, “Love is love, even if it’s not for you. Good on them for not hiding behind closed doors and exploring what brings them happiness.”

With all of these comments, it came out that some of the viewers mentioned that they will never watch this show and felt as if TLC should get rid of it. Now that shocking shows, like MILF Manor seem to be what is grabbing viewers, we will have to see if TLC hears out their fans.

Did you get a chance to watch Seeking Brother Husband? Do you think it is as shocking and sick as these viewers thought? We would love to get your feedback on what you thought. Use the comments below to tell us all about it. Stay here with TV Shows Ace for more Seeking Brother Husband. 

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  1. TLC, celebrating adultery and perversity. The premise of this show is utterly disgusting. It only took a month before it is gone.

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