Line Dancing Saved One ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Couple

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The art of line dancing saved one Seeking Brother Husband couple. Actually, it made them more aware of polyandry and how it could help them thrive. Elisa and Mike, who will star in the premiere season of the TLC reality series, are opening up about what they went through to save their marriage. Read on for more details.

Line Dancing Saved One Seeking Brother Husband Couple

Seeking Brother Husband is just days away from its series premiere. However, it is creating quite a stir as fans of TLC have grown used to men looking for more than one wife. They have long joked that it is time women had the same advantage and now that time has come. There will be four couples looking for an extra husband/boyfriend to add to their relationship. It is that little piece that is seemingly missing from their situation while others already have established multiple partners. Maybe they want more?

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One couple is Elisa and Mike. In an exclusive sneak peek to People, their story was quickly told and it involves line dancing. The duo were newly married and appear very much in love. “As soon as we met, it was like we’re inseparable,” Elisa shared. More so, Mike echoed the sentiment and added: “I mean, we had fallen in love.” However, it was at line dancing that things took a turn. Mike and Elisa were still just dating but she felt such a strong connection with another man. Ultimately, she cheated.

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Admittedly, she was not unhappy in her relationship so that was not the problem. Elisa started to question why she had feelings for someone else when she was so in love with Mike. According to Mike: “We’ve both established we wanted to continue our relationship. So, that was big step No. 1: We do want to continue this thing. Then big step No. 2 is, How to want this relationship to look moving forward?” He read some books and started to see that they could have an open relationship and still be successful together.

The Realization

Mike admits that he could have ended it or he could have stayed with someone that he loved. The Seeking Brother Husband star opted for the latter. Now, they are in the stage of polyamory where she is looking to date other men. The goal is to move to polyandry where she is married to multiple men. Their journey will be followed in the new series where there are 0ther couples trying to accept and adapt in the same ways that Mike is. However, some men are completely fine with all of this as long as their partner is happy. Keep in mind that Elisa and Mike are newlyweds so this could be a temporary fix.

Do you think that another partner will keep Mike and Elisa together? Let us know and watch the premiere of Seeking Brother Husband Sunday, March 26th on TLC.

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