The Premiere Date ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Revealed

Seeking Brother Husband Instagram TLC

TLC’s highly anticipated reality show, Seeking Brother Husband, finally has a premiere date. While there is no official confirmation whether Sister Wives would be renewed for another season, fans can binge on this new show. Seeking Brother Husband is reality series similar to the likes of Seeking Sister Wife. TLC dropped the trailer for the show in early January right after Sister Wives Season 17 ended. This caused fans to speculate whether Sister Wives was ending. So, when does Seeking Brother Husband premiere on TLC? And what does this mean for Sister Wives? Keep reading to find out the details!

Fans Claim Seeking Brother Husband Will End In Disaster

Seeking Brother Husband will follow four polyandrous relationships and the challenges they face when their wife asks them for an additional husband in the family. The show will feature four wives at different stages of their polyandry marriage.

Seeking Brother Husband Instagram TLC

[Source: Instagram]

On Tuesday, TLC dropped a new trailer for the show on Instagram confirming the premiere date. The caption read, “New Show Alert! These ladies are living the plural life polyandry style…aka multiple husbands! The new series #SeekingBrotherHusband premieres Sunday, March 26 at 10/9c.”

Fans excited about the new show flocked to the comments section as one wrote, “This will be fun.”

Another quipped, “This is so crazy but I am going to watch,” while a third claimed, “This too will end in disaster.”

Seeking Brother Husband Isn’t The Only TLC Show About Polyandry

As seen in the trailer, one couple is on the lookout for a new husband for the very first time while another wishes to add a second husband to their family. The wife in the third couple wants to add a third husband to their family dynamics. Finally, the fourth relationship will dive deep into discussions regarding who is to be considered the biological father of their child.

Brother Husbands TLC YouTube

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While this show is another unique addition to TLC’s existing roster, it isn’t the network’s first show about polyandry. Back in 2017, TLC aired Brother Husbands which documented the lives of Amanda Stone and her two husbands Chad and Jeremy. The family has five children raised together as siblings.

Is Seeking Brother Husband A Replacement For Sister Wives?

After TLC dropped the first trailer for Seeking Brother Husband, fans started wondering if this marks the end of the long-running reality show Sister Wives. With Kody Brown down to just one wife, there is nothing left for TLC to share with fans. However, in a Cameo clip, Kody confirmed that the series will have one more season.

Seeking Brother Husband Instagram TLC

[Source: Instagram]

While there is a chance that Sister Wives might get a spinoff, it seems TLC is warming up the viewers to another potential hit that might successfully replace Sister Wives in near future.

Are you excited about Seeking Brother Husband? Do you think it has the potential to replace Sister Wives permanently? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more info on Seeking Brother Husband!

Allie Johnson


  1. It’s about time women get the experience that so many men have had – multiple spouses! I don’t want to see anymore about the Brown family, as Kody is an extreme failure as a husband and father. This new show with women having multiple husbands (male partners) will be a refreshing change. I always wanted multiple husbands, but never thought it possible. Looking forward to see how it actually works for women in charge of their sexuality, lives and men in their lives!

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