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TLC Unveils Newest Guilty Pleasure ‘Seeking Brother Husband’

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Seeking Brother Husband is real and it is coming to TLC. As Season 17 of Sister Wives comes to a close, there needs to be a new guilty pleasure of the same nature. Enter this new series about women looking for additional husbands. So, how does it all work and when will it premiere? Read on for more details.

TLC Unveils Newest Guilty Pleasure Seeking Brother Husband

Seeking Brother Husband is a concept that fans have long joked about. With both Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife hugely popular, it seemed unfair that men got to have all of the fun. Now, TLC is leveling out the playing field. Unlike the other two series, it does not appear that these relationships are founded on religious beliefs. Rather, these couples practice polyandry.

Seeking Brother Husband/TLC

Per Britannica, the term polyandry means the “marriage of a woman to two or more men at the same time.” The Browns on SW were fundamentalist Mormons and more wives brought them closer to heaven. This was the same belief system for the Winders of SSW and it made them vastly different from the rest of the cast. They were pure but the show became more polyamorous than anything thus they were phased out.

The Winder family on Seeking Sister Wife
The Winder Family

In this new show, the women are already married and either already have a man that they are courting, an added partner, or are actively looking. The biggest problem is trying to explain this to family and friends who do not understand this lifestyle. This is a common problem, especially in Seeking Sister Wife. The mothers fear for their daughters, believing that they are in a cult or unsafe. However, two or more men with one woman raise a lot more questions, if that is possible.

Fans React, Premiere Date Set

In the preview from TLC, it looks like one trio will make it down the aisle. The wife seems extremely liberated that she has found two husbands but of course, there is a bevy of inappropriate questions. Plus some common ones. How will this affect the marriage? Is this cheating? How will the partners feel hearing the other one being intimate with a new man? Finally, is it fair that the men do not get to be with other people? Upon the clip being released, fans immediately reacted and the responses were mixed.


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“Hell yessss! Finally!!!” one commented. Another added: “Omg it’s happening.” That was followed by: “Yessss.🙌 I been saying this will work out better.” One fan noted that they had seen one of the couples on another show and it seems that they are not being entirely sincere. All parties involved are actually allowed to have other partners so TLC might have dropped the ball. Though some fans say they won’t watch, it is too fascinating to look away.

Seeking Brother Husband will premiere in March of this year. Are you interested in checking this one out? Let us know in the comments below.

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