‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Why Kenya Can Have Many Men


Why can Seeking Brother Husband star Kenya have more than one man? She can have many and her husband, Carl is okay with this lifestyle. As it turns out, Kenya and Carl have a very untraditional relationship. This goes beyond polyandry which they really do not get to express in the preview. So, what made Carl okay with his wife having other partners aside from him? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband: Why Kenya Can Have Many Men

Kenya will be showcasing her lifestyle on the new TLC reality series Seeking Brother Husband. The premise explores polyandry which is one woman having multiple husbands. More so, the show consists of a total of four couples who are either looking to add a new partner or already have one chosen. Such is the case with Kenya and her husband, Carl. They have been married for over two decades now while she also has a brother husband, Tiger. The threesome has previously explained that they are not actually in a polyandrous relationship.

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Kenya tweeted: “There are just two things I wish #TLC would allow on our show 1. The fact that we are #polyamorous not #polyandrous and 2. Not edit out our UPLVL containers!” So, this could be why Carl, who has been married to Kenya for twenty-nine years, is okay with Kenya having more than one partner. According to ET, it was twelve years into their marriage that the decision was made for Kenya to have more than one lover. This happened after she developed feelings for someone else. 

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Though the two had to talk it out, it ultimately made the most sense for them to thrive in their marriage. “So we discussed it for a number of years. I finally came to the knowledge and understanding about feminine, you know, expression and realize that you have to allow women to be free and express themselves and as a man I’m here to support her in doing that,” Carl shared. Now, Carl, Tiger, and Kenya have been happily living together for five years.

Two Sides Of Kenya

As Kenya explained, Carl and Tiger help fulfill both sides of her. One is more spontaneous while the other is the deep-thinker. However, the Seeking Brother Husband stars keep it equal. The men also have women partners if they so choose. If this may seem strange and off-putting, it actually works really well for Kenya. “I’m dating because I’ll always be dating. It’s just fun, what can I say? It’s hard to explain this because it feels like, it’s not rocket science. We all love attention, energy, relationships and love.” Looks like she will go the Kody Brown route and have love multiplied not divided.

What do you think of Kenya’s situation? Will you be watching Seeking Brother Husband when it premieres Sunday March 26th on TLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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