‘MAFS’ Season 16 Twist, Are Domynique & Clint A Couple?

MAFS Clint and Dom via YouTube

MAFS Season 16 based in Nashville a lot of drama for fans. One couple never even made it to living together before calling it quits. That would be Domynique and Mackinley. Another couple that has endured lots of issues is Clint and Gina. Now, after the show has admitted this season will have a weird twist, fans are wondering if that twist is Domynique and Clint hooking up. Could this be legit? Are they really a couple? Keep reading to find out what is known about this crazy theory.

Are MAFS participants Domynique and Clint together?

A preview for Married at First Sight has fans wondering what in the world is going on. In the clip, fans see Domynique and Clint share a kiss. Other Season 16 couples are in the background and seem shocked yet happy with the smooch. Now the speculation is if the kiss was real or if it’s editing at its best and something completely other than what it appears.

While it could very well be a ploy to get fans to watch, the show has said in the preview that something happens that has never happened in 16 seasons. Prior to the show beginning it was also teased there would be a huge twist on this MAFS season. The twist was rumored to be a husband hitting on another spouse that was not his own. Clint and Dom?

MAFS clint and dom embed youtube

What fans think

Most fans are in agreement they think this may be the case. Fans on Reddit have been discussing the possible different scenarios for more than a month. Many fans believe it is a marketing ploy and perhaps a game of truth or dare. Others think it is legit and the two are forming a relationship. Sleuthers have noticed things like Dom’s hairstyle and believe the kiss with Clint happens after filming ended perhaps at a reunion.

So far there are no official spoilers out there to share if Dom and Clint are really together today. However, Lifetime has said this has never happened and it is huge twist viewers won’t be expecting.

Could they really work out as a couple? Many feel they do have a lot in common. Both like to be adventurous and love the outdoors. However, some believe Dom doesn’t really fit Clint’s “slender and athletic” build that got him in deep water with Gina. So, the question still remains. Will Dom and Clint form a relationship?

Stay tuned to find out!


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