‘MAFS’ Season 16 Fans Angry Over HUGE Time Change

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MAFS Season 16 is underway on Lifetime and one big change has fans really upset. Season 16 featuring Nashville couples is airing differently than it has in the past. Fans can watch these five couples try and make a marriage work with a complete stranger on Wednesday nights. However, the first few episodes have only been 90 minutes long. Is this the new norm? Keep reading to find out more.

MAFS time change has fans outraged

MAFS fans are not happy that the past few episodes of Season 16 have been cut short. Everyone is used to two-hour episodes followed by an After Party special. This season is looking different and fans are wondering if it will go back to the more extended episodes.

MAFSfan Instagram page shared the scoop with fans. As it turns out, that is not the plan at all. Married at First Sight Season 16 will have 23 episodes, 90 minutes each, with a 30-minute After Party. So, fans are getting two hours but not of the actual show. At the end of the season, there will also be 3 episodes following decision day and then the big reunion.

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Fans are not happy with this latest change at all. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions about the shortened episodes.

Many are outraged and questioning why the show could possibly shorten the episodes. Some think it’s because the couples are boring or won’t last until decision day. Others are just confused and want answers as to why one of their favorite shows has been shortened.

The five couples

Married at First Sight Season 16 features some interesting couples. Sometimes fans wonder how in the world the experts would choose them to be put together. Most think that Airris is too immature and not ready for marriage. Others think Clint and Gina will also never make it work. The couple most fans are rooting for this season is Nicole and Chris. These two seem to genuinely be hitting it off.

In fact, there are reportedly some interesting developments this season when one of the contestants will make an indecent proposal to another cast member. So far who this is and what happens have not been shared.

Previews are also showing a husband kissing another man’s wife. This also has everyone talking.

What do you think about MAFS shortening all the episodes for Season 16 to only 90 minutes? Are they trying to cram too much into a short amount of time?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.



Jamie Colclasure


  1. I don’t like the fact that they have reduced the episodes to 90 minutes and nobody knew why. I also think that we don’t need an additional 3 episodes before the finale. The couples are ill matched and they did a terrible job of matching these couples. The only one I can see going the distance is Chris and Nicole.

  2. I want the full 2 hour shows back and they can ditch the after party show. I’m a super fan of this show. Clint is too good Gina. I had high hopes for them and she ruined it

    1. Yes Clint seems like a good hearted and open person. Willing to give it marriage a real try. Too bad the couples we’re match wrong. They need to bring back the sex expert to give her input. Cover all sides of the relationship aspect.

  3. I am not sure what is going on with Shaquille & Kirsten; are they in a friend zone? I haven’t seen a kiss yet!
    I respect Airris for wanting to get closer to his wife Jasmine prior to having intercourse ( his actions remind me of “Keith”). In my opinion, Gina started the issues by talking about Clint’s hair and skin (although earlier – she stated that he was “HOT”).

    1. I am not happy at all they have shortened the episodes.
      Further, Dom acted like an immature brat! She was totally in the wrong and did not give that poor Mac a chance. He is better without her for sure.

  4. I don’t care for the new format. I’m not interested in prior season’s commentary on the current season participants. How much are they paying them for appearing? There’s to much chitchatting that frankly I don’t care about. Decision Day was a catastrophe. Way too much reminiscencing, too much editorializing. If you want to keep fans interested, in the show, stop the madness of the after show and couples couch. Do one or the other not both. Decision Day should not have taken this length of time, to where Shaquille was cut off. Frankly this is a big turn off.

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