‘MAFS’ Season 16 Couples, Plus Shocking Twist

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MAFS Season 16 will have its premiere episode January 4 and fans can’t wait. This season will take place in Nashville and as usual feature five couples who will marry one another at first sight. Let’s take a look at the couples plus, learn what the shocking twist of the season will be.

MAFS Season 16 details plus the shocking twist

This week fans will see the premiere of Married at First Sight Season 16. Ahead of the big premiere, here is a little information about the couples. Plus a shocking twist that is a definite first for the show. Also since this is their sweet 16 season, MAFS will have 90 minute episodes. There will be 23 episodes total for this season as well. Their are ten individuals whom are Airris, Jasmine, Christopher, Nicole, Clint, Gina, Mackinley, Domynique, Shaquille and Kirsten.

Before getting to the couples, what is this shocking twist fans can expect to see? Lifetime has shared that in a first, one woman’s husband will make an indecent proposal to another man’s wife. Plus, there promises to be even more romance and intense stakes.

Wednesday night begins the weddings and fans will see how each couple reacts to one another. One of the first wedding’s fans will see is Kirsten and Shaquille.

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Meet the first couple to tie the knot on the premiere

The groom is Shaquille. He is ready to give marriage a fair shot.  Family, faith, support, and education are musts for him in a marriage. He’s in a good place in life to put his trust in the experts to find his perfect wife.

As for Kirsten, she still hasn’t found a man that meets her standards. Will Shaquille fill those shoes? Just like her groom, Kirsten wants someone strong in faith. She also knows what she wants and won’t settle for less than she deserves. Have the experts managed to find her dream guy?

The other couples

Christopher and Nicole are one of the other couples ready to wed one another at first sight. Both the bride and groom have relocated to Nashville and have not had any luck meeting many new people. Both are ready to find love and settle down.

Next up is Clint and Gina. He thinks that to have anything done right, one must learn and listen to experts. So, he’s ready to try this theory and give it his all in hoping they found him his perfect bride. As for Gina, she is a cosmetologist who has built a successful business for herself. She’s ready to add love to her success story. She is keeping the faith that Clint is the one for her.

Another couple is Airris and Jasmine. He is ready to find an independent and strong woman to make his wife. He wants to settle down and find love. Jasmine hasn’t had the best luck in picking men and tends to fall in love too easily. She is ready to put faith in the experts to help her find a husband she can love and start a family with.

The final couple is Mack and Domynique. Having always put his career first, Mack is ready to put that aside and find the perfect wife to settle down with. Domynique has never had a long term relationship and is finding that the bar scene is not helpful in finding the one. So, she’s ready to put her faith in the experts and find out if Mack is her soul mate.

Are you excited for this season of MAFS? 


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