‘LPBW’: Isabel Roloff Launches New Side Hustle

Jacob Roloff- Instagram

Little People, Big World’s Isabel Roloff is generally pretty positive on her social media accounts. She has shared with her fans the ups and downs in her life but still maintains a happy face. Although she has shared her mental health struggles with her fans, she has also made it a point to bring up life changes. It turns out that she may have even more life changes ahead of her. In fact, she recently shared with her fans that she was ready to push her new side hustle.

What Is Isabel Roloff’s Side Hustle?

Just this past week, Isabel Roloff broke the news to her fans on Instagram, that she was starting something new. This would be a way for her to make more money and also get closer to her fans. She told them that she was releasing her new side hustle. It will come in the form of a Substack. She wrote, “Here, you will find musings from my heart, music I’m loving, poetry I’ve written, the advice I should probably take myself, and just so much more. Whatever flows, really. I’m ready to put my heart into this and give more to myself, and all of you.” She added a Substack launch countdown timer as well.

Isabel Roloff- Instagram
Isabel Roloff- Instagram

In her most recent posts, she has mused about how she wants to dive into her creative outlets more and Substack could be the way to do it. When her fans asked her about Substack, they found out that it is a publishing website, where the authors can make money from subscriptions. The subscriptions range from $5 to $25 a month depending on the content. There are musicians and podcasters on the site as well and Isabel Roloff hopes to bring in more money this way. Hopefully, with her fans’ support, she will do great!

Isabel & Jacob’s Lives

When Jacob and Isabel Roloff welcomed their son, Mateo into the world, they were ecstatic. The young couple has always wanted a family and Mateo has brightened their lives. Even though Isabel feels that life is moving too fast now, she often shares glimpses of him. Isabel enjoys being a mother and has been very open about the depression that often comes with it. It turns out that Jacob is a good support system for her. They have been living in an RV on the Roloff Farms’ land, but some fans think that she started this side hustle so that they can move into a house at some point.

Jacob Roloff- Instagram
Jacob Roloff- Instagram

Isabel and Jacob help Matt Roloff around the farm for extra money, but she feels that she needs to do much more and this may be the way to do it. Her fans are excited to see just what this venture does for her.

Do you think Isabel Roloff will make a lot of money using her Substack? More so, do you think she should look elsewhere for a job? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.

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