Isabel Roloff Admits Life Is Moving Too Fast

Isabel Roloff- Instagram

Former cast member of Little People, Big World, Isabel Roloff, has been pretty open about everything that has been going on in her life lately. She likes to share her life with her fans. She has recently opened up more about her son, Mateo, but she never shows his face on social media.

Life with Mateo has been wonderful for her and Jacob Roloff. However, Isabel Roloff has made some statements about feeling bad for showing him on Instagram. Even though she doesn’t show his face, her fans do appreciate the pictures that she shares.

The Newest Post From Isabel Roloff

This past week, Isabel Roloff took the time to share a special message with her husband on Instagram. She shared an adorable photo of the two of them together. It was captioned, “I said ‘we didn’t get a picture together for your birthday and our fun date to the movies and dinner!’ So we snapped this. Life is moving fast right now, but I love you.” Additionally, it seems like the two of them had a wonderful night out together as a way to celebrate his special birthday.

Isabel Roloff- Instagram
Isabel Roloff- Instagram

Fans were really glad to see Isabel Roloff sharing this sweet moment with Jacob. Her fans have seen a lot of posts from Isabel Roloff in the past that were pretty honest. In one recent post, she decided to share her mental health struggles with her fans. In fact, she was quick to explain to her fans the ways that she handles her anxiety.

She told her fans, “I need to make sure my nervous system doesn’t feel on edge all the time so I plan things and make sure I know what to expect for the most part so I can be sure to still enjoy life and not just worry all the time.” Additionally, she likes to give herself little pep talks to make herself feel better.

New Year New Isabel

Isabel Roloff shared quite an interesting post for the beginning of 2023. Her fans like to see her open up more about her life and this post was all about friendship.

She wrote, “I guess one of my “resolution” or goals this year is to get better at friendships. I learned recently about a term: emotional transparency. Emotional transparency is when you go through things alone and tell your loved ones of it only after you have dealt with it. It’s a form of emotional unavailability. It alienates.”

Isabel Roloff- Instagram
Isabel Roloff- Instagram

She ended, “This really resonated when I read it. A trauma response from having to be strong alone for so long has made me emotionally unavailable in some ways. I truly want to get better at letting people in. I think I’ve gotten really closed off over the years in fear that people only want to be my friend because of the family I married into or because my past and trauma will be too much for them.”

It seems that Isabel and Jacob had a great night together for his birthday and we are glad that she shared that intimate look at their life. What would you like to see her share? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Tv Shows Ace for more Isabel!

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