Isabel Roloff Hopes To Do Better And Trust Harder In 2023

Isabel Roloff- Instagram

Former cast member of Little People, Big World, Isabel Roloff has been very active on social media since she and Jacob Roloff welcomed their son, Mateo. Although the couple has agreed to hide Mateo’s face, they are open to sharing family photos with their fans. Isabel Roloff has gone so far as to share posts about her depression. Fans enjoy that she is open and honest especially after giving birth. She has gone to some dark places on social media, but it looks as if she is ready to change that.

New Year, New Isabel Roloff

When it comes to making resolutions, Isabel decided that she would share hers with fans. In a recent Instagram Story, she opened up to them. She began, “I guess one of my “resolution” or goals this year is to get better at friendships. I learned recently about a term: emotional transparency. Emotional transparency is when you go through things alone and tell your loved ones of it only after you have dealt with it. It’s a form of emotional unavailability. It alienates.”

Isabel went on to add: “This really resonated when I read it. A trauma response from having to be strong alone for so long has made me emotionally unavailable in some ways. I truly want to get better at letting people in. I think I’ve gotten really closed off over the years in fear that people only want to be my friend because of the family I married into or because my past and trauma will be too much for them.”

Isabel Roloff- Instagram
Isabel Roloff- Instagram

Isabel Roloff went on, “I love meeting new people and making friends, but I don’t put in the effort to continue to work on the friendship. Making it a goal to change that. Here’s to doing the things that scare us this year knowing it will benefit us in the long run.” Additionally, Isabel talked more about how she has been hurt by many people in life, and a lot of them were close friends. She also went into why friendships are great for mental health and they are “like a balm for the soul.”

Fans Drag Isabel

Surprisingly enough, Isabel Roloff has gotten a lot of backlash for her posts on social media. She has been called immature by some of her followers and her lifestyle with Jacob has been questioned. As the couple has shared more of their life with fans, they have gotten both hate and praise. Fans noticed that they aren’t exactly like Jacob’s brothers. Jacob and Isabel Roloff have lived in an RV and a van before. This shocked their fans since his siblings are very open about how much money they spent. Furthermore, his siblings aren’t afraid to show off their wealth, whereas Isabel and Jacob live very modestly.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram

Isabel Roloff’s fans applaud her for trying to improve relationships in her life. What do you think of her lifestyle changes? Let us know in the comments and continue to follow TV Shows Ace for more updates on her progress.

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