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Isabel Roloff Dragged Over Immature Post: What Did She Do?

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Little People, Big World fans are dragging Isabel Roloff’s latest immature post. Many believe she acts younger than she is and that her actions online are inappropriate. Scroll down to find out what she did that left fans shaking their heads. 

LPBW fans know that the Roloffs face a lot of backlash living their lives in the spotlight. Though not every family member remains on the show today, they still have a large following on social meds due to their last names and connection to the show.

So, while Isabel Roloff is not a recurring star of LPBW, fans do like to see what she’s up to. So, she does keep fans up to date via Instagram. And sometimes, fans feel that she’d be better off with a private profile. 

Isabel Roloff - YouTube

Now, she’s managed to earn even more criticism for her recent move.  

Isabel Roloff Dragged Over Immature Post: What Did She Do?

On her Instagram Stories this week, Isabel briefly mentioned an “embarrassing” encounter she had. She wrote:

“One of the most embarrassing moments of my life happened today. I’m still mortified but my brother was there and he made me laugh about it and now I’m thinking we should have a storytime. Do you wanna hear the story? LOL.”

Then, she put up a poll and asked fans to vote on whether they wanted to hear the story.

You can check out the post below.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram

After seeing this post, LPBW fans took to Reddit to discuss it. And many are calling Isabel Roloff out for being “immature” and not acting her age. Though she’s 26 years old and a mom now, they feel that she’s acting like a middle schooler. One pointed out that she’s always seeking attention on social media.

Someone commented, “This sounds like a teenager wrote it. ‘OmG GuYs I wAs So EmBaRraSsEd! WaNnA hEaR aBoUt It!?’ Cringe.”

Another one of Isabel Roloff’s followers said, “Like I get this kind of talk coming from a teenager, but like she’s grown. She’s just sooo immature and has such a desperate need for attention all the time.”

Others joked around and said they didn’t want to listen to this story. Some also said they voted no on her poll to discourage her from sharing this type of content in the future. Ultimately, Isabel removed the Instagram Story a few hours after posting it and never spilled the details.

So, do you agree with the fans who are dragging Isabel Roloff’s immaturity? Do you find these kinds of posts annoying? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloffs. Make sure you tune in to TLC on Tuesdays for new episodes of LPBW. They’re also available to stream on-demand on discovery+.

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