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‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Announces 2024 Presidential Run

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Joe Exotic AKA the Tiger King has made an announcement for a 2024 presidential bid. This is Exotic’s second time officially running for president after a previous unsuccessful attempt in 2016. An event that many are much more familiar with after the Tiger King documentary came out in 2020. The thing is, Joe was, at best, a niche internet personality during the 2016 election. His wild personality and grandiose claims gave him some attention from late-night hosts like John Oliver. However, Exotic’s true fame didn’t hit until his Netflix debut, four years after his initial presidential bid. So the question is, does Joe Exotic have any more of a chance at the Oval Office now?

Tiger King For President

The announcement came via Exotic’s Twitter account just a few days ago. Joe was quick to acknowledge the fact that he is still serving a 21-year federal prison sentence on his campaign website. “Yes, I know I am in Federal Prison and you might think this is a joke but it’s not. It is my Constitutional right to do this even from here,” says the Joe Exotic 2024 website.

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A promotional image in the Joe Exotic 2024 presidential campaign via his Twitter

Strangely enough, he is correct that it is possible to run for president from prison, despite the fact that inmates can’t even vote in most states. There are only three requirements for presidential candidacy in this country, and none of them specifically state that incarceration is a disqualifier. There are prisoners and felons who have run for president of the United States in the past. None of them have ever had any widespread support, though.

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Joe Exotic challenging President Biden and former-President Trump to a debate via Twitter

“The only thing I did was put five very old, crippled tigers to sleep in the most humane way possible and it was approved by my USDA Inspector,” Joe writes concerning his sentence. “So it’s time to get over it”.

It’s worth noting that animal abuse and violating the Endangered Species Act are only some of the Tiger King‘s convictions. The primary reason he has 17 more years of a 21-year sentence is because of a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin.

The Political Career Of Joseph Maldonado

Aside from the 2016 presidential run, Joe also ran for governor of Oklahoma in 2018. Once again, his attempt at a political career was unsuccessful. He got the least number of votes of any of the libertarian candidates in the state. Being a libertarian candidate is already a tough sell, considering the US is currently a two-party system.

Joe exotica Youtube Netflix
Credit: YouTube

Libertarians seldom win elections, although they undeniably have the most support of any third party in American politics. Joe’s libertarian political ideology seems mostly centered around the legalization of many things currently criminalized at the federal level. Things like marijuana and, of course, exotic animal ownership.

He may receive the most votes he’s ever gotten in his political career in 2024 purely by virtue of his notoriety. Plus, it’s true that America does love electing celebrities. However, it’s unlikely for him to win over the whole country with the amount of negativity associated with his name.

The first two seasons of Tiger King are out on Netflix now. There will likely be a third season if Joe Exotic ever comes out of prison, but that seems improbable at this time.

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