Joe Exotic’s Cancer Progresses, Dying Behind Bars Soon?

Joe Exotic - YouTube/Netflix

Joe Exotic of Netflix’s Tiger King believes his cancer is spreading and he suspects it’s only a matter of time before he is dead. “Free Joe Exotic” is something fans have wanted to happen for a while now. Unfortunately, fans never got their wish. And, now, it sounds as if Joe Exotic is done fighting. Has he thrown in the towel on his fight against cancer? Keep scrolling for an update on this Netflix personality.

Joe Exotic’s cancer progresses, dying behind bars soon?

The Netflix star is reportedly refusing any additional treatment as his medical team reports they believe his cancer has spread from his prostate to his bladder. In a letter to TMZ, Joe explains what’s going on with his health and his cancer. And, that he isn’t interested in getting any more treatment.

Joe Exotic tells the media outlet that his urine has had a concerning about of blood in it as of late. And, he’s struggled with bleeding while receiving his treatment for prostate cancer. Turns out, he had an appointment with a urologist this week who believes the cancer has likely spread to his bladder because of the symptoms he’s now enduring.

Joe Exotic - YouTube/Netflix
Joe Exotic – YouTube/Netflix

Joe adds that the urologist would like for him to get tested to confirm that the cancer has spread to his bladder. But, Joe has decided he is just done fighting. He is ready to “stay here” and let nature take its course.

Unfortunately, it isn’t certain how much time Joe Exotic has left with this world. While he might be done fighting to save his own life, he’s not done fighting for a more just world and legal system.

The world has to know just how corrupt our justice system is … If I have to be the one to die innocent in here fighting for the truth maybe people around the world will finally speak up for the truth for once.

As fans who have been following Joe Exotic in the news know, TMZ broke the story first that the Netflix personality drafted a new will recently. In his will, he left everything he owned to his fiance, Seth Posey. Joe and Seth met over the internet and fell in love.

Joe Exotic - YouTube/Netflix
Joe Exotic – YouTube/Netflix

Joe Exotic concluded his letter to TMZ by admitting he wasn’t really afraid of dying. He was just looking forward to his birthday and getting to see Seth.

How do you feel knowing Joe Exotic is done fighting his cancer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on this story as it develops.

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