Joe Exotic Hangs Carole Baskin Out To Dry: Don Lewis Is DEAD!

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Tiger King star Joe Exotic has now broken his silence on recent headlines and in doing so he’s hung Carole Baskin out to dry firmly stating that Don Lewis is definitely dead. The Netflix personality had really strong opinions on the resurfaced claims of Carole Baskin that her ex-husband Don was very much alive and chilling on a beach. And, he was not shy about blasting those feelings all over Twitter and Instagram.

Joe Exotic hangs Carole Baskin out to dry: Don Lewis is DEAD!

About 24 hours ago, Joe Exotic shared a screenshot of a headline that reported Carole Baskin was claiming her ex-husband Don Lewis was still alive. He proceeded to pen as a headline of his own very lengthy statement that he shared on multiple social media platforms: If Don Lewis Is Alive I Will Voluntarily Go To Death Row.”

The Tiger King star proceeded to school everyone on the mysterious disappearance of Don Lewis. He said as he explained why he believed he was qualified to make this type of statement: “As the person who dug into this the most.”


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He proceeded to remind everyone it was none other than Carole Baskin herself who first reported her ex-husband missing. And, it was Carole who wanted him to be declared dead five years after she was the one who reported him missing. He added: “so she could collect the millions in insurance money and his total estate.”

She would have to not only have to give all of that money back but it would be fraud all of these years that she had a court declare him dead to collect all of that money.

He continued to remind everyone of the facts

Joe Exotic continued to pop off reminding everyone that just last year Carole Baskin all but admitted there was a real chance the bones of her ex-husband could be located on the property. She, however, insisted that if the bones were found it just meant someone was setting her up. Carole admitted she was worried something like that would happen.

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He continued: “She was the one that said he crashed in the Ocean, She is the one who said the cartel killed him. Go back and listen to all of her stories change to fit the moment.”

I assure you that meat grinder is in that pond on the property of Big Cat Rescue and what the Tigers did not eat are under that septic tank. She has built cages around both areas to keep people away.

He concluded: “Don Lewis is not alive, she knows that, the news knows that and why the h*ll won’t she take a polygraph test to clear her name? Because its bullsh*t stories like this that keep her in the news and making money.”

Joe Exotic exclaimed as he bashed media outlets for even entertaining the idea that Don Lewis might be alive: “Reporters and the public need to put your crack pipes down and use common sense.”

The Don Lewis family agrees with Joe Exotic

The Don Lewis family has also broken their silence regarding these recent reports noting there has never been any concrete evidence to support that Don Lewis was still alive. In fact, his daughters have been traumatized and triggered by these reports as they are forced to relive painful memories.

Presently, no one really knows what happened to Don Lewis. Legally, he’s been declared dead. And, most of the Internet assumes it was Carole Baskin who ended him.

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