See ‘Return To Amish’ Star Rosanna Miller’s Daughter

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Return to Amish comes back next week for Season 7. Rosanna Miller from Season 6 will be joining the cast once again along with her boyfriend Johnny Detweiler. As fans who followed Miller after the season may know, she and Johnny ended up getting pregnant and having a baby. That little girl is now a year old. So, what does she look like now? Read on for more details.

See Return To Amish Star Rosanna Miller’s Daughter

When Season 6 ended, no one really knew if Rosanna Miller would keep up her English makeover. However, she ended up showing off her English style alongside her boyfriend, Johnny. They looked very happy together and fans were shocked that she maintained her new life outside of Return to Amish. Then, it was speculated that she was expecting her first baby. Friends started commenting on their respective Facebook pages about the pregnancy, sending congratulations.

Rosanna, Johnny/Facebook
[Credit: Facebook]
Finally, Rosanna confirmed that they were in fact expecting their first child and it eventually came out that it was going to be a girl. It was very interesting to learn about this as she was hesitant to even date during her first season. She went out with one English boy but felt that it was too much for her. Now, she was pregnant and having a baby. Clara was born in 2022 and she has grown so much. Both Rosanna and Johnny shared photos of her, though rarely.

Rosanna Miller/Facebook
[Credit: Facebook]
Last month, Rosanna took to Facebook to share some sweet snaps of her little girl which Johnny reposted on his page. “Such a beautiful little girl,” one person commented. Another added: “Can’t wait for the new season! Looks really good! And look how big and cute your little one is. Oh my gosh. ❤️❤️” Fans will get to see their relationship unfold as they head to Florida together but things might get messy once Rosanna’s brother gets involved.

Drama Ahead

Rosanna Miller is back in Florida and she seems excited to have Johnny on her Return to Amish journey. However, things are not all rainbows and butterflies. He does not want her to leave the Amish community though she still has a lot that she wants to explore in the English world. In Florida, the couple is sharing a bed. This causes an immense amount of drama when her brother comes to check in on her and discovers that they are in the same room. It does appear that their relationship will struggle but obviously, they came out on the other side and have Clara to show for it.

What do you think of Johnny and Rosanna’s little girl? More so, are you excited to see their love story play out on television? Let us know and watch Return to Amish Tuesday on TLC.

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