‘Return To Amish’ Rosanna Miller Officially Confirms Pregnancy- See Her Bump

Credit: Roseanna Miller Facebook

Rosanna Miller has officially confirmed her pregnancy. The other day, TV Shows Ace revealed the Return to Amish star was expecting her first child. A source had shared the happy news. Additionally, they told TV Shows Ace that Miller had moved back in with her Amish family. Now, the nineteen-year-old has taken to social media to spread the good word herself.

Return to Amish Journey

Return to Amish Credit: Roseanna Miller Facebook
Credit: Roseanna Miller Facebook

Rosanna did not know if she was cut out for the English world. It was hard the moment she and her good friend, Maureen tried to leave Pennsylvania for Florida. When they tried to get plane tickets out, the girls learned they needed to have licenses. Luckily, Maureen’s crush, Daniel was able to drive them. Sadly, Rosanna had a panic attack night one of their stay in Florida.

She also struggled with romance. Maureen had fallen hard for Daniel and would speak with him every night. Viewers started to wonder if Rosanna was just jealous. Or if she had developed feelings for her best friend. The struggle intensified when the girls decided to get their GED. Both were evaluated and discovered they were on grammar school levels.

Yet, Rosanna was able to see a snake when she met one. She went on a date with an English boy and could quickly see he was a player. Finally, she decided she would try to live in the English world. It helped her family said she could come back any time.

Living Her Best English Life

Credit: Roseanna Miller Facebook
Credit: Roseanna Miller Facebook

Rosanna has not strayed from being English. She dresses much more revealing than she did when the finale aired. Rosanna has also been dating a boy named Johnny. Followers just started to congratulate them on her pregnancy. One commented: “news sources say you’re pregnant, is that true??” Rosanna replied, “yeah it is true.”

Followers of Johnny’s have also congratulated him. However, Rosanna has since taken down any talk of her pregnancy from her Facebook page. She and Johnny both gush about how much they love each other and are excited to see one another. No word on how long they have been together or when the baby is due. Her bump is still small but followers say it is obvious.

If she is living back at home, it would make sense she would stay mum about the pregnancy. It would also make sense if she was going to be on another season of Return to Amish. This would make an amazing storyline. Either way, Rosanna has confirmed her first pregnancy.

Let us know if you are shocked about this.

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