‘Return To Amish’ Season 7, Who’s New & Who’s Coming Back?

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Return to Amish Season 7 is set to premiere on March 14th. However, who will be returning from last season, and who is just venturing out? It’s a great mix of old and new so get ready because here is the cast for the upcoming season.

Return To Amish: Familiar Faces

There are going to be some familiar faces coming back for Season 7. Per the episode one description, it looks like Grandma Ada, Sabrina Burkholder, Jethro Nolt, and Jeremiah Raber are returning. Now, Mortys TV confirmed who is actually coming back down to Florida where the cast spent much of last season. Yet, due to the Covid pandemic just beginning, they all left and went back to Pennsylvania. Now, it looks like they are Florida-bound once again. Yes, the aforementioned cast will be back but who else?

Return to Amish Credit: Jeremiah's IG
[Jeremiah, Credit: Instagram]
Jeremiah’s now-estranged wife, Carmela is going to be there along with last season’s newcomers Rosanna Miller and Maureen Byler. Maureen and her boyfriend, Danny got engaged at the end of Season 6. Unfortunately, it is unclear how much of her will actually be seen as Ada has hopes that Maureen will come to Florida. Will she? Most likely depends on her current relationship status will Danny. Rosanna has a boyfriend, named Johnny.

Credit: Roseanna Miller Facebook
[Rosanna Miller, Credit: Facebook]
He will be a new addition to the cast but they are going to go head-to-head about which life to lead. She seems to want to stay in the English world and he appears torn. Yet, she has lived like this before and really liked it so why would she go backward? As for old-school drama, Sabrina is pregnant with her fifth child but is still struggling with Jethro. This was very similar to how they ended last season, trying to make it work but unsure if it would.

Newcomers Join The Club

There is a handful of Return to Amish newcomers. They are on rumspringa and will get to experience life away from the Amish to see what direction they would like to go. As aforementioned, it looks like Rosanna’s boyfriend, Johnny will be a part of the show. However, they catch a lot of heat when her brother learns that they share a bed. She does end up having a baby with him but it is unclear if this will be a part of this season.

Return to Amish/YouTube
[Kenneth, Credit: YouTube]
Kenneth has a goal of being the first Amish to play Division 1 basketball while Daniel is hoping to find an English girl to wife. Finally, Fannie is trying to learn who she is on her own. This is very much like what Maureen and Rosanna went through last season. So, who will stay and who will go? Plus, what will happen to the relationships, and can they all handle Florida together?

Let us know your thoughts and watch the Season 7 premiere of Return to Amish on March 14th on TLC.

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  1. This show is trash. Billed as humor, it seeks to denigrate a religious group with commentary
    from slow types whose dream in life it is to wear flashy clothes and drive fast cars. Shallow!

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