‘Return To Amish’ Returning, Sets Season 7 Premiere Date

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Return to Amish is finally returning for Season 7. Fans long questioned if the series was coming back or if it was over for good. After all, the last episode of Season 6 aired at the end of May 2021. So, after almost two years, and a lot happening behind the scenes, the show will air Season 7. So, when does it start, and what can be expected from the first episode? Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Returning, Sets Season 7 Premiere Date

Last March, longtime cast member Jeremiah Raber shared that Season 7 had already been filmed. They had the footage in the vault but it was just up to TLC to release it. Now, it seems that the timing is just right to bring the series back. Clearly, it has evolved a lot from the beginning days of Breaking Amish. That was when a group of Amish and Mennonites went to live in the English world and then make the decision if they wanted to stay free or go home. As time went on, some of the OG cast kept a strong bond while newcomers were introduced last season.

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Grandma Ada took over the role of Mama Mary Schmucker when she returned to the church. The cast all took shelter in Florida at Ada’s home when the pandemic first started. With her, she brought Maureen and Roseanna who did not know what life they wanted to lead. They had some amazing experiences, Sabrina Burkholder gave birth, and Jeremiah went on a search for his bio family. Now, starting March 14th, the crew is back but what can fans expect?

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According to the synopsis for the premiere episode: “Ada hopes Maureen will join her in Florida; Jeremiah and Carmela get away from the stress of baby-making; Rosanna must choose between her Amish boyfriend or the English life; Jethro has left Sabrina while she is pregnant with their third child.” Obviously, a lot has transpired since this was filmed but at least fans will get to see how they got to where they are today.

Since They’ve Been Gone

Return to Amish may be back now, but keep in mind it was filmed a while back. Therefore, so much has happened with the cast that may or may not be shown. Rosanna has since had a baby girl with her English boyfriend but was apparently welcomed back by her parents. Maureen and her boyfriend, Daniel got engaged and now they have a baby, as well. Yet, it is rumored she went back to her Amish life.

Credit: Sabrina Burkholder IG
[Credit: Sabrina Burkholder IG]
As for Jeremiah and Carmela, the last update on them was that they had split up. Finally, Sabrina Burkholder gave birth to her fifth child in September of 2021 yet she and Jethro recently split. This should make for an interesting season and it all goes down on March 14th.

Are you excited that Return to Amish is coming back? Let us know your thoughts and don’t miss the show on TLC.

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  1. I am so happy this is coming back. I do miss the first one that came out. Mary will be missed. I wish it could somehow go back to the original type of show. It was very captivating..

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