‘Return To Amish’: Mary Schmucker Shares Cancer Update, Is She Okay?

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Return to Amish fans were devastated to learn that Mary Schmucker was facing health problems. In April, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her optimistic view has been a breath of fresh air. Last month, she gave a quick update on how she was doing. Now, she is once again updating her followers as to how she is faring? Read on to find out what is new and if anything has changed.

Return To Amish Fans Pray For Mama Mary

It has been a hard year for Mary Schmucker. The original matriarch of Breaking Amish who transitioned to RTA first got sick back in November 2021. She was allegedly placed in the ICU and thought to be moving hospitals. Luckily, she was soon seen back with her daughter-in-law, Rebecca. Mama Mary was with her beloved afghans and seemed to be on the road to recovery. Sadly, this was short-lived. In April, she revealed that she had colon cancer and would need to undergo surgery.

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Unfortunately, there was more bad news ahead come May. In an Instagram live, she shared: “I had colon cancer. They said they did take everything out. Then yesterday the doctor called and said it’s in my glands.” Therefore, the future was unknown for the former reality star. There was a lot that she wanted to do but chemo was not one of them. More so, she wanted to travel but her bank account was not super fruitful. Only time would tell what was next for the Return to Amish alum. Finally, she is sharing an update and her fans are eager to know the latest.

Where Does Her Health Stand?

Mary’s Return to Amish co-star, Jeremiah Raber went live on Facebook with Mary. They were talking about Tupperware that they sell together. During their chat, she addressed her cancer battle. She has decided that she will do chemo though she did admit to trying other things. As aforementioned, she was hesitant about going that route. However, the alternatives made her so sick that she is remaining optimistic. Jeremiah reminds her sitting back and doing nothing won’t help at all. She agreed wholeheartedly.

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Mary said she is done with surgery after the one she already had. Sadly, she will get sick from the chemo which is common but there is a bright side. Mama Mary shared that her weight is something that is super beneficial because skinnier people tend to get sicker during chemo. Finally, Jeremiah added that she is a fighter. She admits that she almost gave up but she knew she was going to show up. In the end, she has Stage 3 and she loves doing her parties because they make her happy. Positive thoughts are exactly what she needs right now.

Are you happy to see Mary in such a good headspace? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Prayers 🙏🙏🙏 being sent your way Mary. You are loved by American. Take it easy and fight this beast.

  2. Ahh Mary I hope you get well and pray for you to stay strong through your battle .
    Much love and healing prayers sent your way .
    God bless xx

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