‘Return To Amish’ Sabrina Burkholder Welcomes 5th Baby!

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Sabrina Burkholder is a mother again. The Return to Amish star has welcomed her fifth child, a little girl, with boyfriend, Jethro Nolt. Sabrina broke the news on her Instagram. Along with Nolt, the two are currently parents to Zekiah, 2, and Skylar, who they welcomed last year. They shared the story of their secret pregnancy and delivery with People Magazine.

Sabrina’s Return to Amish Struggles

Credit: Sabrina Burkholder IG
Credit: Sabrina Burkholder IG

When viewers last saw Sabrina, she and Jethro had just reunited after time apart during the pandemic. It had been a rough ride for the couple. When Season 6 had begun, Sabrina was pregnant with their second child, a baby girl. Her Amish friends had joined them in Florida as COVID was beginning to spread. A baby shower was thrown for baby girl Null and Jethro even said he wanted to propose.

When Sabrina went into labor, Jethro could not immediately go into the hospital because of the pandemic. Eventually, he was allowed in when she had an emergency C-section. Baby Skylar was born but the couple hit a rough patch. Sabrina discovered Jethro was texting other women and he left her alone with two babies. She headed home to Pennsylvania where the two decided to make it work.

After the season ended, their relationship seemed very up and down. Looks like it is back up as they are now new parents. As for Sabrina’s two older children, they are living with a family member. Both she and Null struggled with substance abuse but she has been clean since 2018. Now, they seem happier than ever with their new bundle of joy.

A New Addition

On September 7th, Sabrina welcomed her second daughter with Jethro. They named her Kalani Ariyah and like her sister, she was born via C-section. No one who followed the reality star on social media knew anything about the pregnancy. Burkholder explained to People why she kept this one quiet: “I like to be relaxed and stress-free when I am pregnant. And telling everybody, it’s more stressful on me and it’s not good for the baby.”

Credit: Sabrina Burkholder IG
Credit: Sabrina Burkholder IG

She talked about how her babies are reacting to their new sister. Sabrina commented that they both love her and Skylar thinks she is a doll. As a person and a mom, Burkholder has come extremely far. A handful of years back, she suffered a heroin overdose and entered rehab. It changed her life and she is no longer the person she once was.

As for her other Return to Amish cast members, Sabrina is not the only one with baby fever. Rosanna Miller also confirmed she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Johnny Detweiler. Congratulations to the new mama and mama-to-be. No word just yet on whether or not there will be a Season 7 of the series. Finally, would you watch if there was? Let us know.


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