‘Return To Amish’ Jeremiah Raber Reveals New Season Filmed

Return to Amish Credit: Jeremiah's IG

Return to Amish has long been a fan favorite on TLC with Jeremiah Raber being a faithful cast member. A spinoff of Breaking Amish, the series wrapped up a successful sixth season leaving fans wanting more. Fans started to wonder when and if there would be a Season 7. Now, Jeremiah answers both of these questions and it looks like the ball is in TLC’s court.

How Return To Amish Left Fans Hanging

Season 6 was definitely different than most other seasons. The cast had to deal with the pandemic which forced them to all move into Grandma Ada’s Florida home. Tensions were still slightly high between Jeremiah and Sabrina Burkholder. She was currently already residing in the Florida house with her boyfriend, Jethro Null, and their son, Zekiah. Furthermore, she was expecting the couple’s second child. Ada headed down to Florida to keep her cleaning business afloat and invited her very curious granddaughter, Maureen. She brought along her best friend Rosanna and they were about to navigate life on the English side.

return to amish fans spar over education

Jeremiah and his wife, Carmela joined the adventure but they had unresolved business of their own. He was searching for his biological father which was a dead end. Luckily, he was able to find his extended family which did help some. During the trip, Maureen fell in love with a former-Amish cab driver from back home, Danny, and got engaged. Sabrina and Jethro struggled with their relationship but came out on the side. Finally, Jeremiah and Carmela had hoped to make things better with the goal of starting their own family. However, once the cameras turned off was when they should have turned right back on for a Season 7. Will fans get to see it all?

Will Season 7 Please Stand Up?

With an ending so exciting, what more could happen? A lot. After the season ended, Maureen and Danny stayed together and she committed to English life. Though Rosanna was still a little trepidatious, she went off and met a guy named Johnny. She, too, continued to remain English and just welcomed a baby girl with her beau. Fortunately, it appears she still has the support of her Amish family. Sabrina quietly welcomed her fifth child, her third with Jethro, and is focused on getting in shape. As for Jeremiah, he and Carmela are no longer together. Yet he has a steady job and has plans to move to Ohio to be closer to his three children.

Return To Amish Credit: Jeremiah Raber IG
Credit: Jeremiah Raber IG


With all of this excitement, a Season 7 would seem to be essential. Jeremiah Raber went on Facebook Live to share several updates, one of them being about the show. “A season has already been filmed. We’re waiting on TLC to put it out,” he shared. No word on who will return but one person who is still staying away is the beloved Mama Mary Schmucker. According to In Touch: “I would love to come back on TV, but there’s too many issues that won’t work for me.” She recently scared her fans by landing in the hospital but had been on the road to recovery.

Are you excited Return to Amish is coming back for a Season 7? Do you think TLC will hurry up and put it on the schedule or will continue to wait? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I would love the show to come back on but I would love for Mary to come back to And Sabrina Those three are my favorites

    1. I would definitely want the show to come on. I’ve been watching since the beginning. I’m glad Mama Mary went back to the church and Chester. I hope she stays on the mend.

  2. I hope TLC hurries up!!!! My family and I love watching and have been WAITING and WAITING to see what has been going on with Sabrina, Jeremiah, Maureen, Roseanne,Ada and everyone else!!!! (We may be the biggest fans) Please get it on soon!

  3. As much as I enjoyed this show. Watching the show “Sins of the Amish” makes Return to Amish, Breaking Amish like a cheap soap. The topics covered in Sins of the Amish were
    never mentioned in the TLC programs. What an eye opener.

  4. Would love to see Mary ❤️. Momma Mary taught me so much about humanity and being humble just from watching her on Tv!! And I only live like an hour away from her! Would also like to see the other cast members as well and catch up on what’s going on with all of them. I’m gonna have to check out “Sins of the Amish” because I’ve never seen that!

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