‘Gold Rush White Water’ Dakota Fred Hurt Diagnosed With Cancer

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In some terrible news for fans of Gold Rush White Water star Dakota Fred Hurt, the reality TV star was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. The news came from his company, Thrill of the Hunt Entertainment LLC.

Here is what we know about this very sad news.

Gold Rush White Water star Dakota Fred Hurt diagnosed with cancer

Dakota Fred Hurt, who has starred in Gold Rush White Water for the last 10 years, just learned he has Stage 4 brain cancer. Thrill of the Hunt Entertainment LLC, of which he is the co-owner, released the sad news. In the announcement, the company revealed the news hit Fred like “a bolt from the blue.”

Dakota Fred, 80, has gone on adventures that men half his age would never dream of attempting. His most recent ones saw him on gold adventures while diving in Alaskan whitewater rapids. However, he refuses to take this diagnosis lying down.

“I’ve lived a full 80 years of an interesting life. If I emerge from this dark diagnosis, I’ll have another adventure to share with you folks,” Dakota Fred said.

Fred Dakota - YouTube

On top of Gold Rush White Water, Fred has plans to work on several film projects. For his cancer diagnosis, there is a “range of options for possible treatment.” He let fans know personally on his Facebook page, where he posted a link to the newswire story and just wrote in the comments, “Yup, it is true.”

Reactions to the news

That Facebook post has over 1,300 comments alone in just the five hours since Dakota Fred posted it. Samples of comments from Gold Rush White Water fans included one fan writing, “I am so sad to read this! My husband always watches discovery & I saw an episode many years ago of Gold Rush, I adored you & continued to watch religiously because of you!”

Another wrote, “Sorry to hear this Fred. You’re a tough & stubborn man, and I know you will give that cancer a run for its money. Hoping for the best for you and your family.”

Finally, a third wrote, “I have a feeling you will approach this the way you have with mining for gold. You won’t give up until you are sure that everything that could be done has been done. You are an absolute inspiration.”

Dakota Fred has a story about his early Gold Rush days

Just four days before Dakota Fred Hurt announced his cancer diagnosis, he took to his Facebook page to comment on his early days on Gold Rush. Fred talked about how an episode of Gold Rush from Season 2 almost ruined his life.

This episode made it look like Dakota Fred stole a claim and ruined some miners’ lives, which resulted in hundreds of death threats that the FBI confirmed placed him in danger. Now, 12 years later, Fred has come out to once again defend his name.

Dakota Fred Facebook

Fred said he has completed video and audio recordings of what really happened and will also complete a book about this event. In his post, Fred wrote that “some things that you see on TV programs are “produced.” He said that everything that happened in that episode was because of the “overactive Imagination of an editor.”

Whether he will have time for his biography now remains to be seen.

Please help send your best wishes to Dakota Fred Hurt in his battle with cancer in the comments below.

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  1. Dear Fred I was shocked with your bad news, I had watched Gold rush white water for a very long time with both you and your son.
    Wishing you time to complete your book, sending love for the UK.

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