Kody Brown Feeds Robyn’s Addiction So She Doesn’t Leave Him?

Sister Wives- TLC

Sister Wives cast members, Robyn and Kody Brown have been seen taking some lavish trips lately. In the past week or so, fans spotted them in Las Vegas. The two were seen with another woman and while some thought they were courting. However, it turned out to be Robyn’s sister. Interestingly enough, fans have started to think that Kody may be taking Robyn on these trips so that he can keep her. Is he feeding her addiction to shopping and travel? Looks like that is the general consensus.

Is Kody Brown Making Robyn Happy With Money?

Kody and Robyn are the last two left in their polygamous marriage. When Christine and Janelle Brown left Kody, fans were shocked, but also saw it coming. Kody Brown hadn’t really felt love for his first wife, Meri in years, so they called it quits too. With only Robyn left, it turns out that he could be using money to woo her so that she will stay with him.

Robyn Brown- TLC
Robyn Brown- TLC

According to The Sun, the couple has been seen on a high-end shopping trip at Caesar’s Palace. The forum shops there have some of the best shopping for those who really want to spend major money. A source close to the Browns said, “All of Kody’s grand gestures and lavish trips and shopping extravaganzas are to make Robyn happy. He’s spending a lot of money on Robyn because that’s what makes her happy. They’re very much about materialistic things.”

The Land At Coyote Pass

Viewers watched on the last few seasons while the Browns were trying to figure out what to do with the land at Coyote Pass. Kody Brown always wanted to build a giant home for himself and his wives there. Interestingly enough, it looks as if Robyn owned more of the land than any of the other wives. Once again, this shows that Kody does anything that he can to keep her with him. Generally, that involves money, which is probably why they are on this Las Vegas trip.

Sister Wives- TLC
Sister Wives- TLC

This isn’t the first time that fans have noticed that Kody spoils Robyn. He has opened multiple businesses with her and recently an LLC. For those who claim that she has always been his favorite wife, this really does seem to be the case. Perhaps now that all of the other wives have left Kody Brown, he is putting on his A-game to make sure that Robyn has everything she needs no matter what the cost.

What do you think of these lavish trips and shopping? Do you believe that this will keep Robyn close? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.


Allie Johnson


  1. I think that Robyn is very satisfied having Kody all to herself. He has adopted her kids so they are good to go. He has turned his back on all of the family that he has produced blaming the kids themselves. Other than Sisterwive’s Closet, has Robyn ever brought any money into the family? She has nannies for her children when she has older children to help her. Can’t she care for her two young ones herself? Robyn seems to be very dependent on others to keep her happy. Kody has turned everything bad onto the wives he used to have. He isn’t capable of looking into a mirror and acknowledging that he is the common thread and therefore he is the cause of the strife and problems within the family. Robyn and Kody deserve each other because they both think of themselves as the best and everyone else has problems. So tired of them. Let’s see the lives of the other wives as they have moved on.

    1. Kody needs to get off his high horse before someone kicks him off!! This is real life kody not never never land!!

    2. Kody needs to get off his high horse before someone kicks him off!! This is real life kody not never never land!! This is 2023 !!

  2. I applaud Christine and
    Janelle for leaving Kody. They are so much better off and so are their children. He has always favored Robyn and it has always been obvious. I am happy Christine has found a new man that she deserves.

  3. It was clear to us that Robin was his favorite. I always felt he was going to leave Christine and Janelle after all their children were of age because he doesn’t want to pay child support to them.
    He also treated Robins children better and used COVID as an excuse to not go to the other houses and stayed at Robins. We also knew because Robins house was better and bigger than the other wives houses. Loaded with boxes of her purchases.

  4. Kody and Robyn, perfect pairing.
    Kody divorced Meri supposedly to adopt Robyn’s children. And how convenient it’s worked out like it has. K & R will end up with a home paid for by the (ex-wives), the Coyote Pass Property.
    No one will ever convince me that this has not been the Plot by K&R to Fleece these Three women to their advantage.
    The histrionics of Kody on that back patio alone made me want to hurl!
    If anyone is followed let it be Janelle and Christine. Meri is a total leech with no personality and no story line.
    And K&R belong in jail for being users and abusers.

  5. unfortunately you have said it all, we must not give Kody and Robin any media attention. I hope we can follow Christine and Jannell and the children. I actually feel sorry for Mary it’s some kind of a sickness. and she so used to being the bucket . I’m anxious to see more on Janell and Christine.

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