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Kody & Robyn Brown Out In Las Vegas With New Woman?

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Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted out in Las Vegas recently. Furthermore, the two were seen with another woman by their side. This led to speculation they were with a new potential wife. So, what were they doing in Vegas and who were they with? Read on for more details.

Kody & Robyn Brown Out In Las Vegas With New Woman?

It is still up in the air if Kody and Robyn Brown will take on another wife after he lost three wives in two years. His ex and former third wife, Christine Brown did not think that they would court again. However, others believe that this is the only life Kody knows. Plus, Robyn has repeatedly said that she did not want monogamy. She chose the Browns because she loved their dynamic and the familial ways which have since come crashing down.

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Recently, Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This was featured on a Reddit thread and photos of them dressed up were shown. Furthermore, they were seen with another woman by their side which made people question who she was. “Who’s the girl with Robyn and Kody?” one person asked. Another replied that it was probably Robyn’s niece, Mindy who had been their Vegas nanny. Someone then asked if she was a potential new wife.

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However, Mindy is married now so that would be an interesting dynamic. Another person said that it could be Robyn’s sister who was with them. Additionally, fans wanted to know what they were doing out and about in Las Vegas. Kody has been so overly cautious about Covid and the pandemic yet they were mask-free in a crowd. His children have confirmed the duo is not vaccinated so they must have changed their tune about travel and public places. Yet, there were more questions than just who the mystery woman was.

How Did They Afford The Trip?

Kody and Robyn Brown still have a lot to pay on Coyote Pass before they can build on it. Plus, if it is not paid by this year, they could lose their property in general. Not that they really care since three wives (Meri, Janelle, and Christine) are gone now. This might be too much land for one couple especially since they have their mansion in Flagstaff. Yet, one big question was how the couple could afford to go on the trip. “How can they afford a trip to Vegas? Did Meri and Janelle give them permission??” a Redditor asked. It was also questioned why there was no physical contact between Kody and Robyn Brown when she is his favorite.

Looks like they are going on without the other wives yet do you think there is still a possibility that they will try to court more? Plus, are you surprised that they threw their pandemic protocols out the window for this trip? Let us know in the comments below.

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