Robyn Brown Owns More Of Coyote Pass Than Janelle & Meri

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In a twist, Robyn Brown actually owns more of Coyote Pass than Janelle and Meri. This is interesting as Janelle is the main wife who’s so adamant about building on the lot. More so, she sacrificed buying her own home to live in an RV on the land. This was a way to put all of her resources toward Coyote Pass. So, why does Robyn have such a stake in the property? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Owns More Of Coyote Pass Than Janelle & Meri

It has come out that Robyn actually owns more of the Coyote Pass land than Janelle and Meri do. In a video by The Celeb Talk Guy, the lots were completely broken down. Initially, before Christine left, she had over 17% stake in CP with Janelle having 32% and Meri having over 15%. Robyn had the most with 34.5% and Kody technically owned it all as his name was on each of the deeds. Then, Christine left the marriage in early 2021.

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She sold her lot for ten dollars thus it was redivided. Now, Robyn owns 52% of the land with Christine’s departure and this could be because she is Kody’s only legal wife. Furthermore, every wife was set to share at least a portion of their land with another wife. The only exception to this was Robyn as she was not going to share with anyone. It was always alleged that the wives were not accepting of Robyn yet Janelle countered that she alienated herself and her children.

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From the looks of the plans, it appears Robyn wanted to be away from everyone as much as she could. However, as it stands now, Janelle and Meri have left Kody. Meri did not care much to build on the land but Janelle cared deeply. It will be interesting to see how these lots are redistributed, that is if they do not lose the land.

All For Nothing?

There’s a chance that Robyn Brown may not have to worry about how much she owns in the near future. It appears that Kody needs to pay off Coyote Pass by 2023 or it will no longer be his. Yet, with only one wife remaining, this may not be an easy feat. More so, he has a luxurious home with Robyn so will he even care if he does not have the land in the long run? That is the big question and why he was never really at Janelle’s when they were still married. He knew he had a mansion with Robyn so why stay in a junky RV?

Are you surprised that Robyn owns more of CP than the other two women? Additionally, are you shocked at how little Meri owns? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Basically, Meri, Christine, and Janelle have been making the mortgage payments on Robyn’s house along with dividing up all family expenses since Robyn doesn’t work and Kody rarely does. Kody decided to divide CP into 5 lots, making Meri and Christine’s much smaller, but leaving Janelle with a larger lot, and Robyn with the largest? And they also paid for a NANNY! She must REALLY be lazy! She has teens who can lean the house, do chores, clean up the kitchen. Hell, my kids were doing their own laundry and all of that along with helping me cook. NOW all my kids are 30-40 yrs old and know how to do these things You have to raise your kids to eventually be independent. I also don’t understand why Robyn is worth more than the other wives. They brought her out of BK, paid her bills. Now, lives in an almost million dollar home. Who is gonna pay for that? Hopefully the wives took all the money in the family acct, divided by 5 and got their shares when they left. They even had to put all their TLC $ in there! SMH. Get a forensic accountant to get their share!

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