Kody and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Robyn Brown Puts Failed Marriage Blame On The Wives, Not Kody

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Now that Sister Wives is over for the season, fans have tuned into the tell-all episodes. Fans love that Sukayna Krishnan is getting the Browns to spill the tea! Not only has Kody Brown shocked fans, but now, Robyn Brown is doing the same! Fans felt as if Robyn played the victim, but she isn’t anymore! Seen as the favorite by many, she has a lot to say when it comes to standing by Kody. She is throwing the blame for Kody’s failed marriages on the other wives and not him.

Sister Wives-TLC
Sister Wives-TLC

The Dream of A Plural Marriage for Robyn Brown

Kody and Robyn Brown wanted nothing more than to have the perfect plural marriage, but as we have seen, the cracks are showing. Christine Brown was the first to leave and that hit Robyn hard! During this season of Sister Wives, she opened up about how much she struggled with this decision. Christine had been unhappy for years and that is one of the main reasons that she left. Robyn felt that this robbed her of the polygamist dream. Janelle Brown was the next to leave. She followed Christine and this was yet another blow to Robyn.

Viewers were shocked to learn that Kody had left Meri Brown too. Meri has worked hard to save her marriage, but after a crazy emotional affair, Kody wasn’t thrilled to be with her. All of the pieces have broken one by one and this had put Robyn Brown in an intense situation. All she ever wanted was to be a sister wife.

The Drama Unfolds on the Tell-All

During the third part of the tell-all, fans began to notice some changes in Robyn Brown. She was steadfast and stubborn, tough and brutal. Many fans applauded her for finally changing her tone and not playing the victim. Redditors wanted to share their thoughts on her performance as well. It turns out that Robyn doesn’t think Kody has anything to do with his marriages failing. She thinks that it is all in the hands of Christine, Janelle, and Meri.

As fans watched the tell-all, Robyn had her claws out! She put all of the blame on the other wives and made it look as if Kody is as innocent as they get. Robyn Brown told Krishnan, “Christine had something with Kody. She did not take care of it.” Robyn also blamed the other wives for Kody choosing her as his favorite wife. According to her, they wanted nothing to do with him, so he ran to her. She added, “He’s had wives reject him affection-wise.” This rejection directed Kody straight to Robyn.

Kody and Robyn Brown- TLC
Sister Wives-TLC

After listening to her go on about the end of the plural marriage, fans feel that Robyn will be the last one standing. No one can be certain if they will try to find another wife. For now, fans can follow TvShows Ace to find out if they will!

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