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‘1000-Lb Best Friends’: Tina Arnold Shares Big Career Achievement

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As 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2 continues, Tina Arnold and her friends are working hard toward their weight loss goals. Although many viewers have been critical of Tina’s close relationship with Meghan, they aren’t listening to haters and naysayers.

While Tina works on her health and wellness goals, she’s also making pretty significant strides in her career. Keep reading to learn more about her latest accomplishment and why she’s so proud.

Tina Arnold celebrates a career goal as she works on weight loss

This season, Tina Arnold has warmed up to the idea of bariatric surgery. She was able to meet her weight goals, but hasn’t quite done everything that she needs to do in order to get the surgery. Bariatric surgery is a pretty complex process and Dr. Procter needs Tina to get approval from other medical professionals before he can approve her.

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC
Tina Arnold/TLC

So far, 1000-Lb Best Friends has really focused on the friends’ weight loss goals. Viewers don’t really get to see much of their private lives, including their careers. And that’s why many fans don’t even realize that Tina Arnold is an accomplished author. She recently put out a new book and promoted it online.

“We Were The Ryans is my latest book. You can find it for purchase on Amazon.com,” Tina shared a synopsis of her latest book on Instagram, along with a link to purchase it.

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC
Tina Arnold/TLC

What I had no idea you were a writer? 👏❤️” a fan wrote in the comments. 

“They won’t mention it on the show for some reason. 🤷🏻‍♀️” Tina replied to the fan. In another section of the comments, the TLC star mentioned that she currently has four published books with a fifth one to come soon.

Were you surprised to find out that Tina is a professional author? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Will there be a divide between the friends tonight?

When fans last left the 1000-Lb Best Friends stars, they were preparing to celebrate at Meghan’s bachelorette party. However, Tina also decided that this was the perfect opportunity to tell Meghan she had to move out of her basement. Having extra people in the house really started driving a wedge between Tina and her husband.

Many fans are interested to see how the drama will play out onscreen. However, both women actively post about each other on social media. And as of February 2023, it seems like Meghan and Tina are still incredibly close — and still actually live together.Tune into TLC tonight and see how things play out on the newest episode of 1000-Lb Best Friends. What do you think will happen?

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