Tina and Johnnie Arnold from Instagram, from 1000-Lb Best Friends

‘1000-Lb Best Friends’: Did Tina Arnold & Her Husband Split Up?

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1000-Lb Best Friends is back for another season and there are new and exciting storylines to follow. One plot point that has everyone talking is Tina and Meghan’s living situation. It appears that the women moved in together at some point — leaving many fans feeling confused. Tina and her husband have four children. The house definitely became crowded when Meghan and her fiance moved in.

Now, it seems like the living situation is taking a toll on Tina’s marriage. Teasers for next week’s episode reveal that Tina and her husband are butting heads.

Fans know that TLC filmed 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2 last year. In real life, a lot has happened between now and then. So are Tina and her husband still married? Or did they end their marriage over the Meghan drama?

Did the 1000-Lb Best Friends star split with her husband?

Next week, it appears that Tina will speak to Meghan about moving out of the basement. Sneak peeks of the new episode reveal that Tina’s husband Johnnie has had enough of the situation and wants his house and family back. But Tina and Meghan are incredibly close — will she be able to pull the trigger?

Fans are also curious about the state of Tina and Johnnie’s marriage. Were they able to patch things up after they finished filming 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2?

Tina and Johnnie Arnold from Instagram, from 1000-Lb Best Friends
Johnnie & Tina Arnold/Instagram

There’s still a lot of drama left to unpack and explore, but it does appear that Tina and Johnnie Arnold are still together.

“Dinner was delicious tonight!!” Tina captioned a recent Instagram photo. “Johnnie grilled steaks while I made skillet corn, Marsala mushrooms and garlic lime asparagus 🫶🏻 Happy V-day everyone!”

Tina and Johnnie Arnold from Instagram, from 1000-Lb Best Friends
Tina Arnold/Instagram

And it even seems like Johnnie and Meghan are on great terms too. She apparently joined them for the special meal.

“❤️ it was so good to… Thank y’all for making my valentine so special. Johnnie can throw down on that grill and you always throw down in the kitchen,” Meghan wrote in the comments.

Are you surprised to hear that the Arnolds managed to make their marriage work? Don’t forget to share what’s on your mind in the comments.

The friend group continues to impress fans with their hard work

Although the women of 1000-Lb Best Friends still have a long way to go, viewers are incredibly proud of their progress. This week, Tina Arnold admitted that she is interested in bariatric surgery after all. Meanwhile, Vannessa continues to work hard and lose weight. She’s currently the smallest member of the friend group after once being the biggest.

By the time Season 2 ends, fans have no doubt there will be more improvements and progress to celebrate.

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