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Dean Unglert Wants Vasectomy, No Kids For Him & Caelynn?

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Bachelor in Paradise couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes recently got engaged and are preparing for their future. In doing so it has been revealed that he wants to get a vasectomy. As their wedding edges closer, why would he want to get this procedure done? Did he and Caelynn decide they do not want kids in the future? Keep reading to find out more.

Dean Unglert wants a vasectomy before marriage

US Weekly shared what Dean Unglert thinks about wanting to get a vasectomy before he marries Caelynn Miller-Keyes. It was Caelynn who actually brought up the topic on a recent podcast. Caelynn said, “I don’t know if Dean’s talked about this on the podcast, but he really wants to get a vasectomy — before we have kids.” She continues, “He wants to get a vasectomy because he doesn’t think it’s fair that a woman has to take birth control. So then when we’re ready to have kids, he would un-snip himself and we would have children.”

Jared Haibon seemed shocked by this revelation. He had more questions including if doing it and then reversing it could cause potential issues with having kids in the future.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes via YouTube

Caelynn answered Jared saying, “We both need to research this more. But also, I heard, like, there could be pain that’s involved if you get a vasectomy. And so, I was like, ‘I don’t want you to be in pain.’ … He and Bob Guiney were talking about it. … Even after you heal, there could potentially be just everyday pain.”

Caelynn also said, “I don’t know if I want to have kids. I always saw myself as a mom growing up, and then the older I got, I saw how much work and pressure it is. I also can’t see us not having kids. Dean always asks if I’m so hot and cold about kids if that worries me, but I also know I’m 27 and I’m not quite ready to get pregnant. I think we could have two or three kids one day. I’m also terrified of pregnancy. There’s a lot that I’m nervous about, but it’s exciting as well.”

So, it seems he isn’t against having kids but he and Caelynn are trying to be fair to one another. Plus, they are both trying to make a responsible decision about having children someday.

Dean Unglert

He was against marriage

When Dean and Caelynn first got together he was against marriage. However, after realizing that they were meant to be together, he started to realize that perhaps he could get married.

The two plan on tying the knot in Aspen this year. No official dates have been announced. In the past, they had talked about eloping but they decided they do want their friends there to witness their nuptials.

Once they are married they are both changing their last name to Bell. It has special meaning to Dean as did the date they got engaged.

They have come a long way in their relationship and fans just love following their journey.

Are you excited to see Dean and Caelynn get married? What do you think about Dean wanting a vasectomy?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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