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Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Kody Brown Abused Her?

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Gwendlyn Brown made a shocking accusation behind her paywall on Patreon that her father Kody did both physically and mentally abuse her as a child. How did this information get leaked from behind her paywall? What exactly did her father Kody Brown do to her? Keep reading for the shocking details.

How did this story leak past the paywall?

Starcasm first reported that Gwendlyn Brown admitted her father Kody both physically and emotionally during her Season 17, Episode 10 recap and reaction of Sister Wives. The outlet explained that Gwendlyn always posts the videos to her YouTube a few days later. And, that seemed to be the justification for leaking the story past the paywall.

Gwendlyn Brown YouTube Sister Wives

Gwendlyn Brown admits her father Kody was abusive

It was during this episode that fans saw a new side of Kody as he exploded on Christine and shouted about feeling like she plunged a knife into his kidneys.

Gwendlyn admitted that this shocking moment to fans wasn’t too shocking for her as her father acting aggressively and shouting in a harsh manner was something that happened from time to time behind the scenes. What was more surprising to Gwendlyn was that her father allowed it to happen while the cameras were rolling.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

During these recap and reaction videos, Gwendlyn Brown always answers a few questions from her followers on Patreon. One of the perks of being a subscriber of a certain tier is getting to ask questions. The most liked questions get answered. One fan asked if Kody Brown had ever physically abused anyone in the family.

Off the bat, Gwendlyn answered the question by saying “yes.” She, however, proceeded to clarify that some may not agree that he actually abused her. Gwendlyn clarified that her father sometimes disciplined his children by spanking them. Personally, she considered spanking to be a form of abuse. She thought there were plenty of other options for dealing with children that didn’t include “traumatizing them” by spanking them.

I remember personally being bruised a few times [when] my Dad would spank me.

Gwendlyn Brown also recalled her father tossing her into the air a few different times as a form of punishment.

Gwendlyn Brown, Savanah Brown, Breanna Brown, and Aurora Brown, TLC, Sister Wives

Meri Brown has also been accused of abuse

Unfortunately, it sounds as though aggression and abuse may have come from more than one parent when the children were growing up. Several children (including Mykelti) have also come forward to accuse Meri Brown of being abusive as well. Christine Brown even admitted in their book she was uncomfortable with the way Meri handled the children sometimes.

Does it surprise you to learn Kody Brown spanked Gwendlyn so hard that he bruised her bottom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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