Which Children Stand By Meri Brown Amid Abuse Allegations?

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Which of the Brown children are standing by Meri Brown amid the allegations of abuse? Recently, a few of Meri’s former sister wives’ kids have opened up about the abuse they experienced at the hands of Meri. It ranged from verbal to physical. However, there are a few children who still seem to support Meri regardless of these allegations. Read on for more details.

Which Children Stand By Meri Brown Amid Abuse Allegations?

Recently, abuse allegations against Meri Brown have come up. Her former sister wife, Christine Brown’s children, Paedon Brown and Mykelti Padron have opened up like never before. It started with Paedon who has never kept his feelings inside regarding his father, Kody, or his extended family. He shared that Meri had been abusive, starting with verbal, and hinted that it went beyond that. Then, Katie Koy from Without A Crystal Ball revealed that a witness had come forward.

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They alleged that they had actually seen Meri Brown be physically abusive with the children while in Big Bear. However, if this ever got leaked, Sister Wives would inevitably be canceled. Paedon’s older sister, Mykelti addressed the abuse on her Patreon, as well. She noted that, though she never witnessed anything physical, she recalls it being very verbally bad. Furthermore, Mykelti got the brunt of it until the kids were old enough to fight back. So, do all of the Brown children feel sour toward Meri?

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According to OK!, Logan and Hunter Brown, who are Janelle’s sons, are still on good terms with Meri. When she was just in Las Vegas, she met up with her former sister wife’s boys and they had a great time. Apparently, a source told the outlet that Logan and Hunter wanted to speak with Meri to dispute the allegations. They felt that Paedon was “full of s**t” and that they were there for her. The three do seem quite happy in this photo but one never knows.

Who To Believe?

It is clear that no one will ever know the complete truth about the Meri Brown situation at this point. It must be noted that Mykelti Padron put her job at LuLaRoe on the line by speaking out against Meri. They both work for the MLM but Meri is higher ranking. It is frowned upon to speak negatively against another in the community. However, Mykelti did it in a dignified way and was not disparaging her as a businesswoman. More so, she said that she was cordial when they saw each other at events but she did not want her in her or her family’s life.

Do you think that Hunter and Logan just escaped the wrath of Meri Brown or they really do support her? Let us know in the comments below.

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