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Christine Brown Validates Meri ‘Abuse’ Claims By Her Children

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Turns out, Christine Brown validated her children’s claims of Meri being abusive a long time ago.

Meri Brown’s name has been all over headlines as multiple children under her family tree including Paedon and Gwendlyn have painted pictures of her being a toxic and abusive monster when they were growing up. Turns out, Mykelti was reportedly so uncomfortable and afraid by Meri that the situation is what allegedly drove her into Robyn’s arms and under Robyn’s roof.

Are these children scorned by reality TV ruining their lives? Are they embellishing the truth? Could they be looking for a quick payday? Or, is there some truth to the claims against Meri Brown? Turns out, Christine Brown may have eluded to the fact that Meri was an abusive monster a long time ago. And, now these claims are resurfacing the validate the children’s stories about Meri.

What exactly did Christine Brown say that is validating the children’s claims that Meri Brown was abusive? Keep reading for the details.

SW Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
SW Meri Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

Christine Brown validated claims Meri was abusive

A page from their book Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, which was printed a decade ago, has been making rounds on various social media platforms. This section of the book is from a chapter written by Christine. Within the chapter, Christine recalls feeling as though Meri took things too far when she was disciplining the children. In fact, Christine recalled being in a place where she wasn’t sure she even felt comfortable with Meri talking to her children because of the way she treated them. Read the passage from the book in the Instagram post down below:

Some fans speculate that Meri Brown’s anger and frustration toward the children stemmed from her failed attempts to produce more than one child for her husband Kody. Other fans are quick to point out that even her own child, who now goes by Leon, had taken to social media to accuse Meri of being abusive and toxic years ago.

Some fans have even found sympathy for Paedon who has been facing his own backlash for his alleged treatment of Gwendyln Brown. Fans note that Paedon didn’t stand a chance considering the role models he had growing up.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Christine Brown

Does it surprise you to see Christine Brown believed Meri Brown was too rough and hard on the children when they were growing up? Do you agree this validates some of the claims adult children are now making against Meri? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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