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‘The Bachelor’ Brooklyn Willie Details Telling Zach About Past Abuse

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Brooklyn Willie opened up recently about sharing her story of abuse with Zach Shallcross on The Bachelor. When the two went on a one-on-one in the Bahamas she told him about her former relationship and how it impacted her.

Zach has straightforwardly handled drama and women he didn’t jive with from the beginning. He’s not hesitated to send someone he doubts home if he catches wind they aren’t being genuine. Zach has made meaningful connections and one of those is with Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Willie Wasn’t Sure How Zach Would Take Her Story

On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Michelle Young asked Brooklyn if she was nervous about the one-on-one date. She thought Brooklyn might be apprehensive knowing this was something she might want to share with Zach. She told her, while she was thrilled about the date, she didn’t want him to feel like she was, “trauma dumping.”

Brooklyn Willie, YouTube
Brooklyn Willie, YouTube

Michelle gave her kudos for sharing something so difficult. Admittedly, Brooklyn shared she had reservations when the conversation was coming up. She thought he might become worried she needed time to work things out.

She Was Surprisingly Pleased With How He Handled It

The twenty-five-year-old felt he really heard her and was receptive to her story. More so, Brooklyn didn’t think he could have handled it any better. According to Bachelor Nation, she felt like he truly listened and took her seriously.

Michelle asked Brooklyn if opening up to Zach made their connection stronger and Brooklyn said it absolutely did. When she shared her story, it took a burden from her. She shared it had been a cloud over her that lifted once it was out in the open. Brooklyn Willie said after confessing her struggles with Zach, she thinks it helped her to feel safer with him. Their relationship bloomed once the weight lifted from her chest. She knew if she could share her story, she could share anything with him.

She’s Had  A Lot Of People Reach Out To Her

Brooklyn Willie’s story has resonated with a lot of people who saw the episode. She said all the love from people reaching out to her has overwhelmed her. Furthermore, she’s very thankful for the opportunity to help women who have been through similar things. Willie can’t respond to all the messages she’s getting, because thousands are coming in, but she appreciates them all. She said if she can help someone, “then that’s the reason God had me go through it.”

Brooklyn Willie, YouTube
Brooklyn Willie, YouTube

What did you think about Brooklyn sharing her past with Zach? Did Zach’s reaction surprise you? Let us know your thoughts below and read more about who Bachelor Nation thinks should be the Bachelorette next here. Additionally, read more about some of Zach’s women here.

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