‘Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Responds To Fans Criticism

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross has been slammed by fans since being announced as the new lead. Now that his season is airing on ABC he’s still catching some heat from followers. He’s decided to open up and respond to all the criticism he’s been facing. Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor Zach Shallcross is responding to all the criticism thrown his way

Bachelor Nation shared what Zach Shallcross had to say about being called a boring Bachelor. He recently stopped by Click Bait to chat with Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt. During this interview, he spilled his feelings. He started by saying he didn’t have his phone when the announcement was made. Therefore he didn’t see live reactions good or bad.

Zach wants fans to keep watching because while he seems boring at first, he claims it does get better.

He said, “Yeah, I’m not like the dude that’s going to cause unnecessary bullsh*t, but in life, you find yourself in unnecessary bullsh*t and it’s entertaining. To be honest, it was a little weird in the beginning and it kind of sucked. You never like to be told you’re boring, but then you look on the bright side and realize I could be called the a**hole Bachelor. That would be worse. I don’t want to be an a**hole Bachelor.”

Zach Shallcross via YouTube 13

Joe shared with Zach that he’s not boring at all but rather he likes that he’s a decisive lead and sends home anyone who starts drama.

Zach thinks that perhaps fans didn’t get to know him well since there were so many men to be shown during The Bachelorette. He’s hoping everyone will give him a chance.

Bachelor Zach Shallcross [Live with Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]

His reaction to being offered The Bachelor role

Zach shared that when he was approached to be The Bachelor his initial reaction was “Why me?” He was shocked because it was something he never even thought would be discussed. Several weeks later Zach was officially offered the gig. He said, “It was really pure shock and I thought they f*cked up.”

Zach also shared that his family especially his sisters and mom are huge die-hard fans of the show so they were super excited for him. However, he’s not sure that is still true after seeing him as the one in the hot tub and taking showers.

He’s grateful for the opportunity and knows it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Will Zach find his wife? Stay tuned to find out. The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC.

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