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‘Bachelor’ Aly Jacobs Already Loves Zach Shallcross?

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Did Aly Jacobs fall in love with Zach Shallcross during their one-on-one? It’s not uncommon for contestants on The Bachelor to fall quickly. First dates are intensified by the fact that an engagement usually happens at the show’s end. Past contestants have said everything is sped up by a hundred in a situation. They can’t help but become competitive especially when producers are encouraging that behavior.

Zach’s season has already had a decent amount of drama with a lot of she said/she said going on. Christina Mandrell got accused of making the other girls feel unsafe even though not a lot of footage was aired of her interactions with them. Aly went on her first one-on-one with Zach in the latest episode. She talked about how she felt about it. Was she in love already? Read on to find out.

Aly Jacobs Loved Her Skydiving Date With Zach

Aly Jacobs got an exciting date for her one-on-one, skydiving. When she stopped by Click Bait, she talked about how things were going for her at that moment. Joe Amabile and guest star Mari Pepin were all ears. They asked how she felt after the date.

Aly Jacobs, Instagram
Aly Jacobs, Instagram

Aly said she was in like with Zach. She noted, “I’m very notorious for saying ‘I love you’ very fast in a relationship.” She went on to say she reminds herself that can scare people away. Jacobs also said she loves love and just because she might be vibing with you it doesn’t mean she’s ready to get married

According to Bachelor Nation, she told Joe when you truly love someone, you back it up with other affirmations. One example is telling them she loves them and then introducing them to her family. That’s a sure sign.

She Shared Her Fear & Some BTS From That Moment

Aly Jacobs said she may have looked like she had it together before the jump but she was, “freaking out internally.” She thought they wouldn’t film her getting killed so she could tell herself just to stay calm. Jacobs felt Zach was very chill even though he said he was freaking out about it.

Aly Jacobs, Instagram
Aly Jacobs, Instagram

Aly added that Zach is a very nice guy, the internet has it right. He’s a good guy and that’s the type she dates so she’s in the right place. After the adrenaline-filled date, they had some time to talk in a hot tub. Jacobs said that’s when she really started to like him and found that he was easy to talk to. While it may not be love yet, it seems to be on that path.

What do you think about Aly’s one-on-one? Do you think she’s on the way to the finals? Comment with your thoughts below.



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