‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Are Syreeta Covington & Lawrence Still Together?

Syreeta Covington - Facebook/TLC

TLC’s My 600-Lb. Life Season 11, Episode 4 introduces fans to Syreeta and her husband Lawrence Covington. By the end of the episode, fans are left wondering if there is an update on whether this sweet couple is still together. Is there a 2023 update on where Syreeta and her husband Lawrence Covington are now and if they are still married? Fortunately, Tv Shows Ace was able to do some digging into their social media profiles and get the scoop on whether the newest TLC couple is still together.

Syreeta Covington - Facebook/TLC
Syreeta Covington – Facebook/TLC

600-Lb. Life fans loved Lawrence

During a very memorable scene from tonight’s episode, fans watched as Lawrence Covington and his wife Syreeta spent time hanging out at the park together. After grabbing a meal at some picnic tables, the couple played volleyball together. Syreeta explained that exercise was easier if she turned it into something fun. She also admitted that she struggled with exercising because she was worried about what other people (especially kids) in the park might say or think about her. Syreeta, however, decided “f*ck them” because it was time to start focusing on her.

After playing volleyball, Lawrence Covington challenged his wife to walk up a pretty steep hill. It was the type of hill children would normally walk up and then roll down. Viewers watched as Lawrence Covington’s wife struggled to get to the top of the hill. As Syreeta climbed, her husband could be heard cheering her on and telling her she could do it. When she got to the top of the hill she collapsed from exhaustion. But, she was also happy. Elated that she made it to the top of the hill. Things took an interesting turn when she proceeded to scream while rolling down the hill the way a child would. When she got to the bottom all she could do was laugh.

Syreeta Covington - Instagram
Syreeta Covington – Instagram

2023 Update: Are Syreeta and Lawrence Covington still together?

While traveling in the vehicle together to see Dr. Now, Syreeta Covington pointed out that her husband Lawrence was interested in her and married her because she was a plus-size woman. She questioned if he would leave her because she lost weight. Lawrence Covington admitted he was more worried about losing a bunch of weight potentially changing his wife’s personality. He clarified that he had read and heard from more than a few different people that he should be worried about her losing weight and changing her personality.

Syreeta Covington was a bit taken by surprise when she learned her husband was actually scared she might leave him. She reassured him that he had nothing to worry about because she would never leave him behind. Syreeta even joked that if she was going to leave him she definitely wouldn’t cheat on him. Finally, she reassured him by telling him the only thing that would change is the price of her clothing budget.

Syreeta Covington - Facebook/TLC
Syreeta Covington – Facebook/TLC

Fortunately, a quick scroll through their profiles confirms that Syreeta and her husband Lawrence Covington are still very much together. So, fans don’t have anything to worry about!

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