‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Latonya Pottain’s Caretaker Passes Away

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Tragic My 600-Lb. Life news as Tv Shows Ace has just learned Season 11 cast member Latonya Pottain’s caretaker Mrs. V. has passed away. TLC viewers only recently met Latonya and her caretaker on the most recent episode of My 600-Lb. Life. But, fans instantly fell in love with her sweet and dedicated caretaker. Albeit, fans were in agreement that Mrs. V was a bit of an enabler in allowing Latonya to have fried fish and french fries for dinner. But, it was clear she had a lot of love for Dr. Now’s newest patient and wanted Latonya to succeed.

Latonya's caretaker - YouTube/TLC
Latonya’s caretaker – YouTube/TLC

My 600-Lb. Life: Latonya Pottain’s Caretaker Passes Away

In the past 24 hours, Latonya Pottain took to Facebook to share a very beautiful picture of her caretaker. With the photo came very sad information. Mrs. V. was no longer alive. The TLC personality noted she was heartbroken with tears flowing down her face as she looked at this beautiful photo and heard the voice of her beloved caretaker in her head.

As I look at ur picture and the tears fall I miss u my love but I can hear u saying life is hard but it’s fair hunny these ppl dnt care wat they say but I also have a army behind me they act like they never watch reality TV before it’s a TV show it’s funny because we joked about that breakfast and boy was we rite

She continued to write: “like u use to tell me I can do it and I’m doing it last years I when we went Thur filming I was lost but moving on without u have also been hard but I will do this and until next time I will end this short note to my angel. Get ur rest….. I love you.”

Her post did not include her caretaker’s name or any details surrounding how she passed away. In the comments, those who followed her story were sad to learn of her passing. Check out her tribute and the beautiful photo of Mrs. V. down below:

Did you enjoy watching Latonya Pottain’s caretaker on the most recent episode of My 600-Lb. Life Season 11? Are you shocked to learn that Mrs. V. passed away?

Rest in peace, Mrs. V.

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