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‘My 600-Lb. Life:’ Is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan Married?

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My 600-Lb. Life just wouldn’t be the same without Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, affectionately nicknamed “Dr. Now” by patients and fans.

Each episode of the popular TLC show centers around one patient’s story at a time. But after 11 seasons, there’s still a lot that many viewers don’t know about Dr. Now’s personal life. Many fans are curious to learn about his family life, including whether or not he has a wife or children.

Keep reading and get to know the famous bariatric surgeon and see what his marital status looks like as of 2023.

My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Now has been married before

According to Dr. Now’s Wikipedia page, he was born in Tehran, Iran on October 11, 1944, which makes him 78 years old as of February 2023. Despite his old age, he still seems to play an active role in his practice. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1970 from the University of Tehran and then later moved to the United States to practice medicine.

Although he was busy with his career, the My 600-Lb. Life star still made time to have a family. The Celebs Info reports that he married Delores McRedmond in 1974. They went on to have three children together.

Dr. Now from My 600-Lb. Life, TLC
Dr. Now/TLC

However, it seems like the relationship went south at some point. Distractify reports that Delores gave up her career as a secretary to be a stay-at-home mom while Dr. Now grew his practice. She reportedly didn’t receive much help from her successful surgeon husband, which ultimately led to their divorce in 2002. They were married for 27 years.

It doesn’t appear that Dr. Now ever remarried. He remains incredibly active with his work and enjoys a working relationship with his son Jonathan. Jonathan Nowzaradan is a director and executive producer with My 600-Lb. Life. Dr. Now’s daughter also helps with his merchandise, including quirky earrings featuring his face that are available for purchase in his online store.

At his age, it seems unlikely that Dr. Now would ever remarry again. He’s also still heavily dedicated to his work, which would make dating difficult.

But either way, fans are happy to know that the My 600-Lb. Life star will likely still be involved with the show for several more seasons.

The series is back for its 11th season on TLC

My 600-Lb. Life Season 11 is currently airing on TLC, so fans have plenty of chances to catch up with their favorite bariatric surgeon. So far, viewers have had the chance to meet interesting participants like Latonya Pottain. Latonya may not have been wildly successful with Dr. Now’s program, but viewers really enjoy getting to know the patients and hear about their stories.

Check back soon for more news and updates on the cast of My 600-Lb. Life, including Dr. Now.

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