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‘600-Lb. Life’ Syreeta Covington 2023 Update: Where Is She Now?

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TLC’s My 600-Lb. Life Season 11, Episode 4 introduces fans to Syreeta Covington of Columbus, Ohio and the episode ended with viewers wondering if there is a 2023 update on where she is now and how she’s doing with her weight loss progress. Doing a little digging on her Facebook and her husband’s Instagram profile, here’s what we know about what’s currently going on with Syreeta since her time on the show.

600-Lb. Life Syreeta Covington 2023 Update: Where Is She Now?

Syreeta Covington uploaded a photo on her Facebook profile on January 25th of this year that appeared to be snapped while they were filming her episode of the series. Scrolling back through her profile, she posted A LOT about hitting the gym during August of last year. This included posts discussing working with her trainer in the water which was something fans will recall was featured on the show.

Syreeta Covington - Facebook/TLC
Syreeta Covington – Facebook/TLC

Following her profile, it appears as if she may have started her weight loss journey in January 2022 making last month her month 12 which was the final portion of her episode that airs tonight. As viewers saw in her episode, she moved to Texas with her husband only to find out she had actually gained a few pounds instead of losing a few pounds. So, Dr. Now gave her another two months to lose more weight. Not losing enough weight to please him, he ultimately gave her two more months to get where she needed to be for surgery. He explained that he needed to see her lose weight consistently for four months in a row to see that she doesn’t give up or quit committing to it.

Her profile suggests she may have another month to go before she weighs in with Dr. Now again to determine whether or not she qualifies for surgery. Now, here’s where things get a little confusing. Her Facebook profile (at least the public portion of it) doesn’t suggest she, in fact, lives in Texas. Her profile claims she still lives in Ohio. Moreover, there does not appear to be anything on her profile anywhere documenting a trip to Texas or a move to Texas.

Syreeta Covington - Instagram
Syreeta Covington – Instagram

Unlike Wess Schulze, from last week’s episode, Syreeta Covington has not mentioned or even promoted her episode of the series. Likewise, her episode also didn’t really track with the understanding fans have that the show/network funds trips to Texas to meet with Dr. Now including temporary living. During the episode, Syreeta Covington and her husband actually found themselves in a nearly homeless situation because a check got lost in the mail and they didn’t have any money to move to Texas with.

Is She Still Losing Weight?

As far as a 2023 update on where she is now and how she’s doing with her weight loss progress goes, Syreeta Covington hasn’t posted anything super recently regarding working out, hitting the gym, or weight loss progress. It is possible she has posted them with a different privacy setting. It, however, is unlikely considering she posted pretty frequently and publicly about working out back in August.

Syreeta Covington - Facebook
Syreeta Covington – Facebook

Recent photos of her on her profile and on her husband’s profile also make it difficult to see if she’s lost any weight since the show aired.

What did you think of Syreeta Covington? Did you enjoy her episode of My 600-Lb. Life? Do you think she’s continued to lose weight? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. This episode was very funny at times like one example is when Serita was rolling down the hill but I would like to know if she was finally able to lose the weight.

    1. I enjoyed watching Syreetas journey ver much. My heart breaks knowing she went thru so much abuse as a child. She has the most awesome husband, Streetas was very positive and worked really hard at her lose weight. Would love to know if she was successful at getting her surgery, I think she was. She a very pretty girl too. Keep going Syreeta. Never give up. You got this girk

  2. I like the face that she was not a stay in bed, self pitying woman. She always tried to do things for herself and her family. Most of the people on the show just lay there and feel sorry for themselves.Even though she didn’t get the surgery, I think this is one of the best episodes of the show.

  3. Hey this is Syreeta Covington my Covington Facebook was has been hacked for a few months follow the Syreeta Page Facebook page is my maiden name that Facebook has been around for 11 years but don’t get scammed off that covington page also thank you for all the love and support

    1. Hi Syreeta! Just wondering, what happened to that cute little cat that was in your episode when you were in Ohio? I know a lot of people were wondering about the cat and what animals were in the fish tanks. I was guessing maybe your hubby has turtles or lizards. I found your Facebook page and I’m following it. I found your original Facebook account as well. It stinks that it got hacked. 🙁

  4. Syreeta, hello there! I just watched your episode. I agree with the 3 other comments on here. I hope your still in a good place; hoping you succeed with all things in life, especially your health. Loved that you and husband support each other.

  5. Syreeta, you were my favorite of all these people and I watched all the seasons! you had a great attitude and personality and you didn’t feel sorry for yourself! so sorry about the abuse. I know how that feels too. good luck to you and I hope so much you are successful in your weight loss surgery!

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